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DigiCert CertCentral, a comprehensive digital certificate management platform, has been awarded as the Best Internet of Things (IoT) Security Product at the 12thannual Global Excellence Awards. DigiCert, a global SSL Certification Authority (CA) and the leading provider of trusted certificate management solutions, received its award in San Francisco, where the world’s top information security experts have gathered for the annual RSA conference.

CertCentral helps organizations secure their web-connected deployments, including those for the IoT, with an intuitive, cloud-based portal that handles all aspects of the digital certificate management lifecycle. Using CertCentral’s features, including access to a highly responsive and flexible REST API capable of supporting billions of active certificates, a rapidly increasing number of leading companies across all sectors and IoT platform providers are working with DigiCert to embed security into current and next-generation internet-connected products.

“The IoT introduces new challenges for securing information at-scale and requires adaptive digital certificate deployment strategies,” said DigiCert CSO Jason Sabin. “CertCentral, together with our responsive APIs and flexible architecture, helps simplify companies’ efforts to authenticate IoT devices and encrypt data. Working with IoT platform providers, as well as companies connecting systems within manufacturing, industrial operations, healthcare devices and clinics, and many other industries, we are providing needed trust for the IoT.”

By 2020, researchers estimate that 25 billion connected devices will be on the market. These devices will connect to consumer products and business systems gathering and transferring sensitive data. Properly deploying and managing tens of millions, or even billions, of certificates in a business-efficient way will be key for companies to succeed in their IoT aspirations.

DigiCert’s CertCentral helps organizations maximize their IoT brand investments by simplifying certificate deployment and management through automation and best-in-class innovation. CertCentral automation and real-time insights help reduce human errors and the hours spent on manual processes. CertCentral closes the security gaps often caused by negligence, ignorance or rogue actions of employees not authorized to issue certificates by IT.

CertCentral addresses all aspects of the certificate management lifecycle, including:

  • Discovery: Organizations can view all of their certificates and endpoints, regardless of issuer, to determine where deployed, licensing period, potential vulnerabilities, and other key data.
  • Procurement: Administrators can automate and control procurement and budgeting through access to smart tools and responsive APIs.
  • Deployment: Using a proprietary Express Install command, IT departments can speed up and simplify certificate installation on devices and servers, using established processes that eliminate human error and ensure optimized configuration.
  • Management: Staff can control costs, improve inventory and drive accountability by apportioning certificates to specific business units. Pre-purchase approvals drive efficiency in advance of major deployments.
  • Monitoring: Accessing Google Certificate Transparency logs (including the one DigiCert operates) and other proprietary resources, administrators gain access to all certificates – authorized or not – issued to their domains and derivatives. This can help identify mis-issuance, rogue certificates and phishing attempts to stop them at early stages.
  • Analysis: Organizations can use smart agents found in the DigiCert Certificate Inspector to view all TLS/SSL certificates and endpoints in real-time. This tool alerts administrators to problem areas that might be out of compliance with best practices and recommends remediation steps.
  • Remediation: The platform suggests proper mitigation steps to guide best practices for using the right protocols, cipher suites, hashing algorithms and a host of other areas that affect certificate and endpoint security.

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