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Digital Turbine, is launching a new initiative that enables app delivery across new device types. The new cross-screen approach enables subscribers to easily use mobile apps across any device – whether they are smartphones, tablets, wearables, Internet of Things (IoT) or Android Smart TVs leveraging Digital Turbine’s Ignite technology.

With the growing number of mobile devices – half of all American households now owning some sort of connected TV device, and 38 million Android watches shipped last year, applications have become an integral part of consumers’ lives serving a range of needs from health tracking to news delivery. Digital Turbine is paving the way for personalized cross-device app distribution.

“As more devices gain connectivity, apps will become the platform by which personalization is achieved,” said Bill Stone, CEO of Digital Turbine. “Our Ignite technology is built to easily scale, crossing boundaries across devices and enabling developers and brands to further engage with their customers.”

App delivery has primarily been relegated to smartphones via crowded app stores. But now mobile operators, OEMs, and advertisers have access to new screens for app delivery – doubling and tripling the number of served devices and eliminating the hassle of sending users to app stores.

“Our innovation team has created a cross-screen technology that facilitates a seamless, parallel experience for the consumer and enterprise user that has never been done before,” said Daphna Steinmetz, Executive Vice President of Technology Strategy and Innovation at Digital Turbine. “We are crossing technology boundaries to meet our clients exactly where they need us – on any of their future device and technology of choice allowing a life filled with the right size of context and connectivity.”

Personalized app distribution is very important to user engagement. Additionally, making app delivery simple and seamless so users don’t have to go through hours of setup on different devices is crucial for broader use. Digital Turbine’s Ignite technology offers multiple options for mobile operators and OEMs to tailor app delivery and now with this initiative the ability to access many new device types.

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