The Connected Collar from DogTelligent provides dog owners with an easy solution to improve the quality of their dog’s life. This sleekly designed collar syncs with the DogTelligent app on smartphones and computers to track dogs’ locations and has built-in virtual fencing technology that alerts owners when their dogs wanders beyond set boundaries. In addition, the Connected Collar also tracks dogs’ activities throughout the day and can serve as a hub for all relevant information for your dog’s vet. With Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and cellular connectivity, the Connected Collar has you covered. The Connected Collar aims to be your best friend’s best friend.

Currently in pre-production, the patent pending Connected Collar comes in small, medium and large, with each collar being adjustable to comfortably fit every dog out there. Outfitted with micro-speakers, integrated LEDs, an ultrasonic training whistle and anti-barking technology, the DogTelligent Connected Collar™ is waterproof, shockproof & ruggedized to combat the wear and tear from daily and highly active use from each dog.  The Connected Collar will serve as the DogTelligent IoT platform to communicate and activate a future family of connected products.

The Connected Collar is available via their crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo which launched on April 26th. The Early Bird pledge level sold out within nine hours of the campaign launch and offered the Connected Collar at a discounted rate of $50 (retail price of the Connected Collar will be $159.95). The Connected Collar comes in Signature Jet Black, but is also available with additional skins in Arctic White, Cherry Red, and a Voter’s Choice color at different pledge levels. The DogTelligent team expects to begin manufacturing in June of 2015 with an expected delivery date of August 2015 for campaign backers.

DogTelligent CEO and creator of the Connected Collar, Patrick Perrine, is a seasoned entrepreneur. Seeking to create innovative products to enhance quality of life not only for people, but for their companions as well, Perrine notes that his inspiration for the Connected Collar is due to his lifelong relationship with man’s best friend, dogs. The DogTelligent team combines beautifully designed dog products with technology that makes a difference for dogs and their owners, solving everyday pet parent frustrations. Perrine’s dog Riley proudly serves as DogTelligent’s company barksperson and is the star of the Connected Collar cartoon series.

“Since Riley is such an important part of my daily routine, it was natural for me to look at what I found frustrating about being a dog owner,” says Perrine. “One by one, I came up with solutions to the numerous problems fellow dog owners face and in the process, realized that by monitoring a dog’s behavior, I would be better able to keep him safe and provide the right amount of exercise and sleep time. In other words, Riley would be a happier, healthier dog.”

About DogTelligent

DogTelligent is an Austin, TX based company that provides connected smart dog products. DogTelligent combines beautifully designed dog products with technology that makes a difference; solving every day frustrations. The Connected Collar, an all-in-one smart dog collar, is the flagship offering from DogTelligent and launched on Indiegogo April 26, 2015. For more information on DogTelligent, please call 619-630-0383 or visit