SP CT Scanner

Managed services and cloud provider ANS Group has upgraded the technology infrastructure at Dorset County Hospital NHS Foundation Trust connecting devices, equipment and hospital furniture to its network making the Internet of Things a reality for the South West hospital.

The technology has now meant that, via Wi-Fi, the hospital can electronically location track specialist equipment, hospital beds and wheelchairs throughout the site enabling it to be accessed and moved according to demand allowing better management of the hospital.

Alongside the location tracking the hospital now has wireless access across the site improving collaborative working and giving Internet access to patients throughout their stay.

Brian Stalker, ICT Infrastructure Manager at Dorset NHS Foundation Trust, explained: “This has transformed the way we operate as a hospital, for example we can now locate a mobile scanner instantly, where previously locating it across the 18.5 acre site would mean a succession of frantic phones calls enquiring if that particular department had it, at a time when we needed it urgently.”

“The developments in technology have also led to better collaboration between the hospital and its partners, mobilising the staff to work with greater agility. The incorporation of Dorset’s social services and ambulance service has ultimately resulted in better integrated care for patients.”

The technology upgrade was provided by ANS Group who replaced the existing wireless infrastructure as well updated the software and existing ISE & Prime Cisco servers.

Paul Sweeney, CEO of ANS Group said, “The NHS is going through a huge digital transformation but Dorset is really pushing the boundaries for the use of technology making the organisation more agile and efficient than ever before.

“We are really pleased that this has resulted in a better patient experience for the many who are treated by the hospital each year. Alongside the improvements in efficiency the instant wireless access for patients and visitors means that they can connect with friends and family across the world.

“The ability for a family member anywhere in the world to see their grandchild for the first time is something that’s really special.”

The Internet of Things allows a physical object to connect to a network via embedded electronics, network connectivity such as wireless dongles software, or sensors enabling objects to collect and exchange data.