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DSP Group, a leading global provider of wireless chipset solutions for converged communications, and Sercomm Corporation, a leading manufacturer of telecom and broadband equipment, announced at IFA 2016 the availability of a series of smart home sensors that are based on state-of-the-art ULE (Ultra Low Energy) technology.

The new Sercomm sensors consist of DSP Group’s DHX91 ULE SoC delivering ULE technology to the smart home. ULE technology, a wireless IoT (Internet of Things) technology, provides multiple advantages over other existing RF technologies, such as superior range, video and audio support, long battery life, best-in-class security and simple star topology. ULE products also benefit from a dedicated frequency band, which enables interference-free operation.

This new smart home sensors leverage ULE’s extended range and simple star topology to eliminate the need for repeaters, which are necessary with other competing RF technologies. With DSP Group and Sercomm’s ULE implementation, hundreds of devices (including motion sensors, window contacts, smoke and flood detectors, thermostats and more) can be seamlessly connected to a single gateway, enabling true remote home automation and IoT services.

“Our cooperation with Sercomm, a market leader for broadband and wireless networking equipment, underscores our commitment to help making ULE technology the vehicle-of-choice for smart homes. Sercomm’s choice of ULE technology for their new series of IoT sensors is a vote of confidence in ULE technology and its exceptional fit for smart home applications,” said Ofer Elyakim, Chief Executive Officer at DSP Group. “ULE technology is receiving solid attention and market traction driven by growing demand from many operators and service providers that are launching offerings based on this technology, and our DHX91 is powering a new generation of smart home devices.”

“Sercomm strives to bring the most innovative and technologically advanced products to our customers and we are proud to include the DSP Group-enabled ULE IoT sensors in our portfolio of offerings. This new series of ULE IoT sensors can offer interference-free frequency bands, long secured range and RF robustness,” said Ben Lin, Founder and Chief Technology Officer of Sercomm. “We are pleased to partner with DSP Group to demonstrate the huge potential of ULE sensors interoperability.”

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