DSP Group and SoftAtHome Enhance IoT Collaboration Utilizing Innovative ULE Technology

DSP Group, a leading global provider of wireless chipset solutions for converged communications, and SoftAtHome, a software provider for operator CPE devices enabling convergent services for the digital home, announced that SoftAtHome’s SOP8 platform is now enabled with Ultra Low Energy (ULE) IoT offering simplicity for deployment of IoT services in a cost effective way for the operators.

SoftAtHome SOP8 extends the benefits of the Cloud across the home network right to the end device. The software supports features including hardware consolidation and replacement of individual dedicated boxes with software running applications on general purpose boxes that leverage proven and robust data center technology. It also delivers flexibility, enabling the computing platform to be repurposed for scalability and testing or trialing of new functions. It avoids being locked into a given hardware vendor and reduces both OPEX and CAPEX, as well as power consumption and service provisioning time. With SOP8, barriers to market for new entrants are greatly reduced.

DSP Group is leading the ULE revolution, providing advanced ULE chipsets and modules both serving nodes, with DHX91 family of ULE solutions, as well as the system’s HUB with DCX81 DECT / ULE base transceiver chipset. Furthermore, existing DECT Hubs, providing DECT CAT-iq 2.0 telephony, can be easily upgraded to support ULE for IoT services and be managed by SoftAtHome’s platform.

The ULE technology is ideally suited to support the new wave of consumer IoT devices and offers longer range, interference-free RF bandwidth, enhanced security and natural support in two-way voice.

“We are excited to enhance the cooperation with DSP group and expand our offering to include ULE-managed systems,” said Frédéric Maizeret, VP Sales of SoftAtHome. “There is a strong interest in ULE technology as it offers superb range, interference free spectrum band and enhanced security.”

“We are delighted that SoftAtHome has chosen to add ULE to its new smart home platforms,” said Raz Kivelevich-Carmi, VP marketing and business development, ULE Product line at DSP Group. “Beyond the commercial benefits to our mutual customers, of re-using existing DECT based hubs, ULE provides many more technical and commercial values to service providers as well as the end customer, such as simplified star topology, with minimal number of devices and a dedicated license interference-free RF band, providing the service provider with a cost effective deployment of its IoT service.”

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