Thousands of users generated over 200 million IoT events using Cayenne’s code-free drag and drop builder for Raspberry Pi home automation projects.
Nearly two months after its award-winning launch at the IoT Evolution Expo in Florida, Cayenne, the world’s first drag and drop IoT project builder has made its presence felt on the Internet of Things landscape. When it launched, published a Cayenne overview in January, and since then, the maker community has reacted to Cayenne, showing strong support in the cyber world, and of course, through activity on the platform itself.

Media covering the growth of IoT noticed the potential behind Cayenne, and news on the platform was published and syndicated by dozens of publications, with some extra attention from notables like EDN, which commented that, “with a platform and front end like myDevices and Cayenne, starting development for the IoT is going to become incredibly easy…” and ReadWrite pointing out that Cayenne would be “popular with tinkerers who like that cheap hardware platform [the Raspberry Pi] for simple projects and prototypes.” Online mentions by the Raspberry Pi Foundation, maker organizations, product review websites, and influencers in STEM education have brought thousands more users to the platform, and created a welcome buzz in the Internet of Things community.

Cayenne users have already generated 200 million+ Internet of Things events, created their own automation projects without the need to learn coding, and generated triggers, events, alerts, and active sensor data. Cayenne developers and makers come from 114 countries and contribute to the development of the free Internet of Things platform by their input in the Community. Users have posted feedback, project ideas and updates, and step-by-step documentation of successes and struggles to solicit input from others and spread creative ideas.

Studies projecting the future of the Internet of Things industry repeatedly suggest exponential growth in the coming years. With Gartner, McKinsey, Forbes, and Business Insider projecting trillions in revenue, to name a few studies, myDevices is excited to have been part of the wave from the beginning, and to launch Cayenne as a free platform to increase IoT-awareness and utilization among makers and tinkerers worldwide.

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