Integration Objects announced today the release of its OPC UA Proxy product. Integration Objects is world-leading software solutions provider specialized in operations and manufacturing intelligence, plant automation, command and control systems, cyber security and systems integration for the chemical, oil & gas, process and manufacturing industries, power and utilities and defense around the globe.

Integration Objects’ OPC UA Proxy is OPC UA Wrappers component for OPC UA to OPC DA bridging. The OPC UA Proxy is a plug and play solution that enables OPC DA (Data Access) clients to communicate with OPC UA (Unified Architecture) servers. This OPC UA based product acts as a high performance gateway between OPC UA servers connected to the network and any OPC DA client applications.

“At the edge of Industrial Internet of Things, companies are more and more concerned about the fast migration to the Industry 4.0. Integration Objects ensures a secure and powerful way to OPC UA technology adoption. As a matter of fact, OPC UA Proxy facilitates data bridging between classic OPC Clients and OPC UA Servers.“

Key features include:

  • Support of multiple proxy services running at the same time
  • Support of multiple local and remote OPC UA servers
  • Map any OPC UA server address space to an OPC DA server address space
  • Support of UA TCP and HTTP transport protocols
  • Support of HTTPS transport protocol

Integration Objects

Integration Objects is a world-leading systems integrator and solutions provider specialized in operational and manufacturing intelligence, advanced analytics, preventive detection of abnormal events, online diagnostics and root cause analysis, OPC connectivity, plant automation, knowledge management solutions, cyber security, and enterprise integration for power and utilities, as well as process and manufacturing industries around the globe. Our goal is to help our clients maximize plant safety, increase asset availability, and efficiently drive their decision-making process.

For more information about Integration Objects’ OPC UA Proxy, click here

To view tutorial video on how to configure OPC UA to OPC DA Proxy, click here