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Electric Imp, the global leader providing a powerful Internet of Things (IoT) platform that securely connects devices to advanced cloud computing resources, announces the addition of Autodesk and Skyhook to its broad enterprise application partner ecosystem.

“We’re now reaching a point in the market where companies are moving from tests and pilots of connected devices to full-scale deployments,” said Hugo Fiennes, CEO Electric Imp. “These moves require significantly more diligence in device production and maintenance, and also need more complete enterprise integration to ensure that IoT is being used most effectively for the business. Our new partnerships and integrations with Autodesk Fusion Connect and Skyhook help unlock the value of device data by making it accessible, actionable and geographically relevant.”

Autodesk Partnership:

As an Autodesk Fusion Connect partner, the integration of Fusion Connect with Electric Imp’s IoT Connectivity Platform will help ensure that edge sensor and device data is delivered securely to the cloud to gain insights into product performance, help predict failures, create new revenue streams and optimize supply chain. Fusion Connect is a no-code, cloud service, enterprise IoT service that gives designers the ability to collect the data being generated by the products they offer. Fusion Connect also offers designers the ability to analyze and manage that data through tools that can be operated by anyone, not just software developers. The integration of Electric Imp and Fusion Connect will be showcased at Autodesk Forge Conference, June 15 and 16 in San Francisco, California.

Skyhook Partnership

Skyhook’s Precision Location, which enables contextual intelligence, is highly sought by top industrial IoT applications, such as asset management, predictive maintenance and connected commerce. Through a unique integration, Electric Imp customers can now tap Skyhook’s global network of billions of Wi-Fi, cellular and IP locations using Skyhook’s patented positioning algorithms to create reliable and accurate insights into IoT edge device physical position and use.

Electric Imp, founded in 2011, is located in Los Altos, California and Cambridge, England. For more, visit