Electrolab Product-Line

Electrolab, Inc., a manufacturer of precision measurement, monitoring, and control devices, offers a competitive line of Digital Level Sensors (DLS) and wireless communication devices.

Electrolab DLS sensors provide an ideal solution for oilfield professionals who are looking to replace obsoleted level sensing devices in their operations. Designed with open communications, Electrolab devices integrate easily  into existing site configurations with minimal configuration, and in the case of some equipment replacements, no changes at all!

To fit the unique requirements of different site environments, Electrolab offers a versatile line of digital level sensors:

  • Model 2100 Stainless Steel DLS are ideal for oil and diesel tanks, environments with paraffin deposition problems, and H2S less than 2,500 PPM.
  • Model 2100 Fiberglass DLS are especially suited for oil tanks in corrosive environments, those with iron sulfide, saltwater tanks, and H2S greater than 2,500 PPM.
  • Model 2100 Flex DLS work well in oil tanks with iron sulfide, saltwater tanks, tanks with temperatures less than 155oF, high paraffin environments, H2S less than 2,500 PPM and large tanks requiring a sensor longer than 35 feet.
  • Stainless and Fiberglass DLS with High-Level Shut-In offer the addition of a dedicated circuit and third float for high and high-high level alarms. This circuit requires no power and is not affected by power outages. These sensors include an integrated test fixture for manually testing operation of the high-level alarms while keeping the tank hatch closed.

In addition to this line of level of sensors, Electrolab offers a suite of Class I, Division 1 rated wireless radios (nodes) and gateways. The Electrolab Wireless/IoT product line is optimized for Electrolab customer applications and offers oil field technicians the ability to easily install and configure a complete, robust, wireless communications network. Electrolab nodes connect all instrumentation on a pad site, regardless of brand, and reliably share information between local and remote equipment. Various communication protocols facilitate the connection of local wireless networks with the Internet and/or host systems, such as PLCs and SCADA devices. Key features include long battery life, excellent durability, safe and easy configuration. The product suite includes five different node options, based on the sensor and data transmission required, and two gateway options.