WebNMS and Energy Monitoring Ltd. (EML) have partnered to develop end-to-end IoT applications to control and manage energy operations and centrally monitor performance of remote industrial assets. These combined solutions will allow enterprises to optimize energy consumption, streamline workforce tasks, increase efficiency and optimize operational costs at improved levels.

“Together, WebNMS and EML aim to provide tech-driven efficiency to traditional business units across their distributed operations, in real-time,” said Darryl Stork, Regional Business Director, WebNMS. “With this partnership, EML’s customers will have access to cost-effective IoT enabled solutions to securely monitor their integrated environment, perform predictive maintenance of remote assets and visibly reduce operational cost.”

WebNMS is the Internet of Things division of Zoho Corporation, a privately held and consistently profitable cloud solutions provider.Symphony IoT, from WebNMS, is an enterprise-scale Internet of Things Platform that offers customizable, edge-to-cloud solutions to connect and manage energy and assets at remote infrastructure. It also offers a multi-vendor software agent, Symphony EdgeX, which integrates multiple protocols and enables real-time data acquisition and local intelligence across the last-mile.

WebNMS is gaining momentum amid system integrators worldwide, who are keen to tap the potential of enterprise IoT and quickly resolve custom business challenges while driving product innovation. WebNMS remains strongly committed to its open platform approach that enables third-party system integrators and developers to create their own innovative applications. Additionally, WebNMS also offers ready-to-deploy vertical-focussed IoT applications, specific to B2B markets like telecommunication, renewable energy, commercial infrastructure, remote sites, transportation etc.

“We’re excited to partner with WebNMS in the IoT market,” said Allan Musinguzi, Managing Director, EML. “To achieve faster time-to-market and implementation of products for our customers, a robust flexible and scalable end-to-end solution was sought. Our partnership with WebNMS simplifies the inherent complexity of siloed management of energy and remote assets, providing unified visibility and control of business environment”.