The Fiesta Americana Viaducto Aeropuerto Hotel in Mexico City opened its doors and treated guests to a full suite of Enseo’s innovative smart internet of things based hotel room technology. From streaming entertainment options to remotely managing their entire room from their own mobile devices, guests were ushered into an experience unlike any other.

Owned by FibraHotel and managed by Posadas Hotels, Fiesta Americana had a specific goal in mind: provide the guest room of the future in their hotels to create a unique, connected in-room experience for their guests while also conserving energy usage. To enable this experience, Fibra turned to one of the fastest growing private technology companies in the United States, Enseo®. Enseo worked with long-term sister company and technology provider, Catapult Tech™, for a comprehensive IoT device management platform and guest entertainment system, as well as guest remote applications.

When guests check into a room at the Fiesta Americana Viaducto Aeropuerto, they find that they can use the traditional room remote control or their own smartphone to control the television, window shades, room lighting, and the temperature with ease through Enseo’s Fido™ comprehensive IoT product. Fido turns any hotel room into a smart, energy efficient, connected room and elevates guest comfort and satisfaction.

Enseo’s versatile platform also provides the best-in-class in-room entertainment system, including access to apps such as Netflix® and YouTube® and a highly customized user interface developed with Fiesta Americana to welcome guests into the hotel’s uniquely crafted experience.

Located inside the Via 515 mixed use project in Mexico City on Viaducto, Fiesta Americana Viaducto Aeropuerto is the most modern full-service hotel near Mexico City´s Benito Juarez International Airport. The hotel, with 260 full-service rooms, has modern public areas, meeting rooms, conference and event space with a terrace and features the Los Canarios restaurant and a bar.

“We are thrilled to be working with Enseo and hope that this is the first of many projects to come,” commented Simón Galante CEO of FibraHotel. “We have a strong desire to become the hospitality leaders in technology in Mexico. FibraHotel is in a technological transformation, and Fiesta Americana Viaducto is the best example of it.”

At the center of Enseo’s Fido solution at Fiesta Americana is the guest’s own smartphone. EnseoCONNECT™ allows guests to use their own mobile devices on any network to control their TV, room lights, window shades, thermostats, and other connected devices in their room. This unified remote approach does not require guests to download an app, maintain a login or touch the guest room remote at all. Guests do not even have to join the hotel Wi-Fi network. Instead, guests simply pair with the TV for instant access and control of their entire connected in-room experience.

“I am honored to have been chosen by Fibra to bring the world’s most advanced guest room into reality. Mexico City has always been known for culinary and fashion innovation, now we’ve worked together to add ultimate hotel technology,” commented Vanessa Ogle, CEO and founder of Enseo. “The leadership of Fibra and Posadas worked together with the technology team at Catapult Tech. By joining everyone’s expertise, we launched the world’s most advanced and welcoming guest experience and also brought tremendous benefit of an enticing price point to the owners that will save both the bottom line as well as the environment. This team has paved the way to the hotel room of the future.”