2015 Mobile Trends

Larry Page, CEO of Google, was recently quoted as saying, “We are no longer in a mobile-first world, we are in a mobile-only world.” As a leading provider of end-to-end mobility solutions, Digital Management, Inc. (DMI) couldn’t agree more. Today, the company announced the release of its fifth annual Mobility Trends Report, created to assist enterprises that are looking to incorporate these hot trends into upcoming strategies. Download the complete report here: http://pages.dminc.com/Top10MobileTrends2015.html.

As the world’s first integrated end-to-end mobility company, DMI is respected in the industry for its development of unique and comprehensive perspectives in the mobile market. Here are key elements of its findings:

  • Get ready for Mobile Apps 3.0 – Organizations will need to restart their app efforts with user-centric design and data-powered solutions to apply uniquely mobile-first methodologies. The third generation of mobile services will take a unique mobile approach leveraging location, context, usage behavior and data.
  • The smartphone is the control hub for the Internet of Things (IoT) – The launch of a myriad of wearable, connected and Internet of Things devices is turning the smartphone into a control hub, providing organizations with the means to create new revenue streams, improve customer experience and become more efficient.
  • Big data becomes integral to all mobile services – In the past year, almost every organization either implemented or made plans surrounding big data initiatives. In 2015, big data will stop being a separate initiative and will instead become an integral part of every online and mobile proposition. Organizations will look to big data to power applications, thus providing more personalized experiences, context-aware services, targeted information and offers that are laser-targeted to meet end-user demands.
  • Wearable technology and sensor breakthrough –The launch of the Apple Watch in Q12015 and a broad portfolio of other wearable devices and sensors this year will herald this breakthrough. Brands that are willing to experiment will be perceived as the innovators in this space.
  • New approach to omni-channel – Brands will take a new omni-channel approach based on mobility, location and context rather than device type. Led by services such as Google Now, retailers, banks, the travel industry and media will look to adapt this approach by tapping into collected data from a myriad of sources, including beacons, wifi, payments, user tracking, cameras and more.

Jay Sunny Bajaj, DMI founder and CEO, said:
“We live in a mobile world that is changing at an unparalleled pace, straining the capacity of many enterprises to keep up with the growth. We have made it our mission to provide an end-to-end mobility solution that enhances evolving, all-encompassing strategies and tactics, from mobility management to app development to omni-channel implementation and everything in between. We are constantly learning and innovating to meet these challenges. As good industry citizens, we take pride in sharing what we see and have learned.”

About DMI:
DMI is a leading provider of mobile enterprise and big data solutions and services, including mobile strategy, mobile UX and app solutions, omni-channel commerce, mobile brand and marketing, big data management and analytics, and secure mobile device, app and data management. The company’s commitment to excellence in service delivery has resulted in dramatic growth and an expanding client base that includes hundreds of Fortune 1000 commercial clients and all fifteen U.S. Federal Departments. DMI is headquartered in Bethesda, MD, with satellite offices all around the world. Additional information is available at www.dminc.com and on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and Google+.