Entrust Datacard, a leading provider of trusted identity and secure transaction technology solutions, announced it will join Schneider Electric’s Collaborative Automation Partner Program (CAPP). The collaboration will allow Schneider Electric, the leader in digital transformation of energy management and automation, to offer its industrial customers Entrust Datacard’s ioTrust Security Solution to accelerate the adoption of identity based security solutions within their industrial operations.

The ioTrust Security Solution creates a trusted infrastructure for the secure flow of M2M data, thereby mitigating risk and enabling greater visibility in industrial environments. The technology-agnostic software solution is designed to achieve a high degree of integration and scalability, and is compatible with industrial protocols and standards, enabling Schneider Electric to optimize its existing infrastructure and accelerate IoT deployments.

“To successfully transition to the digital economy, companies must secure not only their own operations, but also be confident in the security and authenticity of services and physical components which are used in the construction of their solutions,” said Josh Jabs, Vice President, Office of the CTO and General Manager – PKI and IoT, Entrust Datacard. “This collaboration with Schneider Electric ensures the convergence of application, devices, and user security requiring a breadth of tools that all interact seamlessly and securely. The Entrust Datacard ioTrust Security Solution enables businesses to remain flexible in choosing devices, backend applications, and data analytics platforms best suited to their specific environments. The secure-by-design approach provides robust visibility in real time, with easy to manage data functions and access control to sanction productive and profitable decisions.”

CAPP enables Schneider Electric to offer complete business solutions by integrating innovative technologies developed by its partner ecosystem into its own offerings. The partnership with Entrust Datacard adds a key component to Schneider Electric’s cybersecurity solutions that are delivered through the company’s EcoStruxure™ for Industry architecture.

About the partnership, Dan DesRuisseaux, Director Cybersecurity, Industry Business, Schneider Electric, commented, “In the past, industrial users often implemented self-signed certificates or physical attributes to identify devices, but these are not as secure as identities issued by a certificate authority.” DesRuisseaux continued, “In addition, it is essential for critical infrastructure to be provisioned for local and cloud based identity enrollment and life-cycle management capabilities in order to deliver authentication and authorization services that work within the protected network or connect ecosystems via global distributed and hosted infrastructure.

“Certificate authority solutions require a proven partner, and in this instance Entrust Datacard’s added expertise in both internally networked and publicly connected certificate authorities is also of value to our customers,” says DesRuisseaux. “We are excited to have Entrust Datacard bring its significant expertise to the industrial market.”