Envision Energy, the world’s largest smart energy management company, announced it selected ParStream for IoT analytics solution.

ParStream provides the industry’s first analytics platform for the IoT. The platform helps companies generate timely, actionable insights from IoT data by providing highly innovative and differentiated ways to analyze streaming and historical data — faster, with greater flexibility and closer to the source.

“Envision is a global leader in the world of renewable energy management and we are thrilled to be working together to help drive greater business benefits through the use of analytics,” said Peter Jensen, ParStream CEO. “ParStream’s customers are generating more value from their IoT applications by analyzing real-time data and quickly identifying actionable outcomes.”

With ParStream’s IoT Analytics Platform, Envision will monitor real-time data from 13GW of renewable energy assets and analyze historical data to optimize operational performance and reduce downtime through predictive maintenance. Envision expects an overall 10-15 percent improvement in productivity by applying analytics to real-time sensor data from their wind turbines.

“Envision constantly seeks for the most innovative solutions to improve the products and services. We will optimize turbine performance and reduce down-time through the analysis of more real-time data with greater granularity,” said, Dr. Guido Jouret, President of Envision Digital Innovation Center. “ParStream’s analytics of terabytes of data with sub-second response times further improves our ability to generate significant value from our IoT applications.”

About ParStream

ParStream is the industry’s leading IoT analytics platform company. The ParStream analytics platform was purpose-built for scale to handle the massive volumes and high velocity of IoT data. ParStream’s platform delivers a new breed of analytics for the enterprise, such as Geo-Distributed Analytics, which enables analytics at the edge. ParStream has earned multiple accolades including the M2M Evolution IoT Excellence Award, CIO Magazine #1 Big Data Startup, and Gartner Cool Vendor.

About Envision Energy

Envision Energy is the global leading energy internet service provider whose offerings include smart wind turbines, smart wind/solar management software, and smart energy technology services. (www.envisioncn.com)

Over 3GW of Envision Smart wind turbines are in operation, while Envision Wind OS and Apollo solar platforms help manage more than 13 GW of renewable energy assets worldwide. Envision is now the 3rd largest turbine company and the largest offshore turbine supplier in China and the largest wind asset management service company in the world. Envision has offices in Shanghai, China; Silicon Valley, CA; Houston, TX; London, UK; Osaka, Japan and Silkeborg, Denmark. Envision Energy’s vision is to enable solar and wind to become the primary energy sources by 2025, by using the latest IT and communication technologies including cloud computing, advanced sensor and big data analytics to transform the conventional energy world.