Envision Energy IoT and Smart City Technology Alliance

Envision Energy announced an open-platform alliance that connects energy pioneers and technology innovators to help accelerate the clean energy transition through digitalization.

The “Energy IoT and Smart City Technology Alliance” consists of Envision, Microsoft, Accenture and others, with more pioneers and innovators are expected to join later.

The alliance, initiated by Envision with its world-leading EnOS™ IoT platform, aims to unify the distributed and fragmented renewable energy space with innovations that marry digital and energy disciplines. It will help improve efficiency, capture more value and accelerate digital transition on a global level.

Each alliance partner brings unique expertise to compliment and empower this partnership:
Microsoft’s Azure Cloud Platform provides secure and flexible data storage and computing; and Accenture’s Enterprise Service expertise ensures a seamless application integration process. Envision also intends to use ARM mbed to collect intelligence from physical assets to EnOS™ so as to transform utility sector applications.

These technologies and service, along with Envision’s EnOS™ IoT platform, enable users to build, deploy and operate energy management applications efficiently and reliably.

The alliance’s mission is to integrate and synergize the silos of different energy domains. Its work positions the members at the forefront of the energy transition by seeking more efficient networks that interconnect buildings, industry parks, vehicles, power generation plants, electric distribution, storages and end-user consumptions that help make cities “smart.”

The convergence of digital technology and energy will pave the way for a new system of services, enabling a better quality of life and more efficient, green and reliable energy consumption.

“The old energy paradigm is breaking down and will be replaced by a new era of energy. Envision is leading a global energy technology revolution in an open and collaborative way. The purpose of this alliance is to accelerate the digital transition and solve challenges through great team work. Together we are dedicated to making the new era of beautiful energy a near-term reality,” said Envision founder and CEO Lei Zhang.

Representatives from Envision, Microsoft, Accenture and ARM took part in a meeting today, discussing the collaboration.

Alan Crozier, Corporate Vice President, Chairman and CEO of Microsoft Greater China Region, said, “The powerful combination of Microsoft’s Cloud and Envision’s IoT platform will help millions of enterprises and consumers in hundreds of cities across the world to embrace digital transformation, creating a new benchmark for the entire energy industry.”

Going forward, the Energy IoT and Smart City Technology Alliance will focus on enhancing technological and network exchanges and beneficial business practices among its member companies. Those efforts are expected to result in an increase in R&D spending in the US and global as well as the industry standardization that will bolster transformation of the energy industry.