Envision Energy, a leading global smart energy solution provider, recently announces the global release of its latest international product portfolio including its largest wind turbine to date at WindEurope in Amsterdam.

Envision’s new EN148-4.5 MW turbine is the latest evolution of Envision’s 4MW platform, equipped with a 148-meter rotor and a flexible nominal capacity to maximize energy capture in medium to high wind speed environments. This turbine enables Envision to support the demand for lower levelized cost of electricity (LCOE) by bringing a large rotor diameter to sites with up to 9m/s average wind speed. This turbine model’s flexible architecture allows Envision to optimize site parameters to deliver the maximum energy output possible for each site – globally.

Also new to the global market along with the EN148-4.5 MW turbine are Envision’s EN140-3.0 MW and EN131-2.5 MW turbines, ideal for low wind speeds. The new EN131-2.5 sets a new benchmark on full load hours to support renewables on the path to becoming a base load power plant solution.

Envision founder and CEO Lei Zhang said: “Envision is continually innovating to create the renewable energy ecosystem. Natural energy such as wind and solar are clean, free, and abundant. Our EN148-4.5 turbine is another important step forward in our ability to deliver energy solutions that optimise energy output that make affordable and sustainable energy a reality.”

All three-product configuration are based on proven design platforms which incorporate Envision’s vetted international supply chain, high reliability components, and IEC 61400-22 certification. Every Envision turbine is equipped with sensor-enabled controls to optimize performance and energy output, built with Envision’s engineering precision and deep R&D expertise. Envision’s IoT solutions close the loop between the design of a windfarm and its operation to ensure optimal performance and availability, safeguarding renewable energy assets over their lifetime.

Envision Energy combines its industry-leading expertise in turbine manufacturing with big data analytics to deliver energy management software products that enable full visibility and control for wind farm operators. Envision’s digital software solutions are designed to operate flawlessly across OEM technologies. The performance of wind turbines can be impacted by a number of environmental and extraneous factors. Through Envision’s EnSight™ application, run on the IoT system EnOS™ launched at WindEurope last year, raw data is used to create actionable insights to improve the operational and financial performance of wind and solar farms. Envision’s digital solutions currently manage more than 100GW of energy assets globally.

Envision aspires to be a leading force in accelerating the energy transformation and shaping the new energy paradigm. Through bridging the divide between digital and physical and between new energy systems and old, Envision’s sensor-enabled turbines, advanced software solutions, and integrated technology alliances are at the forefront of the transition to smart, clean and abundant energy.