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Israel-based real-time analytics innovator Equalum announced a global collaboration with GE Digital, focused on the Predix cloud platform for the Industrial Internet. GE Digital launched Predix in 2015 as a cloud-based platform to power innovative industrial apps and turn real-time operational data into insights for better and faster decision making. Equalum will enable customers of the Predix platform to stream data from multiple enterprise data sources to the Predix cloud to gain smarter business insights in real time, leading to operational efficiency and cost savings.

The Equalum platform provides an end-to-end data processing solution that enables organizations to perform real-time analytics on any number of data sets, generated by a variety of applications and gain real-time, actionable insights. The platform provides real-time, low footprint streaming from multiple sources, without the need to make any application changes, leveraging a unique patent-pending compression technology.

As a global Industrial IoT (Internet of Things) platform, Predix connects a variety of machines, sensors, control systems, enterprise data sources, and devices – such as building infrastructure, power generation and mining equipment, aircraft engines and healthcare devices. Predix can securely connect with multiple machines, old and new, from different vendors on very large industrial scales using a heterogeneous mix of data and communications protocols to aggregate data from these devices.

By integrating the Equalum platform into the Predix cloud, GE Digital will enable its customers to stream data from multiple legacy enterprise applications to the Predix cloud. By correlating data from industrial and enterprise data sources, customers will drive faster, more accurate insight and foresight, enabling customers to optimize production towards demand fluctuation or schedule maintenance when labor and spare parts are best available.

Parag Goradia, Executive Director of Cloud Services Engineering, GE Digital said: “Technologies like Equalum help users of the Predix platform to stream multiple data sources to the cloud in real time. Where the Predix cloud can uniquely enable sensor data analytics for the Industrial Internet, it now adds an extra element that allows customers to analyze data from any source and correlate data from multiple sources in real time.”

Idan Danai, Equalum CEO: “We are excited to work with GE for an emerging start-up company, the ability to play such a strategic part in the Predix Cloud ecosystem is an amazing opportunity.”

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