The future that Hollywood predicted – from R2D2 in Star Wars to Viki in iRobot – connected, hyper aware machines that interact with humans are on the way to being a reality. Seamless human-machine and machine-machine interaction have always been a subject of awe and fantasy. But when the disruptive technology of IoT (Internet of Things) would have connected 50 billion devices by 2020 it will be a world nearly as futuristic.

In this complex network of physical objects (things) that actually talk with one another in real time; people and enterprises across are going to work differently. The window of interpretation and interaction of all this data will hold the key for the future of connected technology.

While, much great work is being done in this space from a consumer perspective, BlueFlock Technologies is already pioneering the mobile collaboration interface for enterprises with its flagship product, the BlueFlock App.

Today, many organizations talk of connected things, the IoT (Internet of Things). Data generated from connected ‘things’ becomes more valuable when it can be converted into actionable dialogue. This is precisely the difference between IOT (Internet of Things) and IOE (Internet of Everything). Connected things do not directly provide ROI. There has to be a collaboration medium for enterprises to define and act on their business goals.

This is precisely where BlueFlock is revolutionizing how businesses think of the word ‘team’ in team collaboration. A ‘team’ is no longer restricted to people. Using the BlueFlock App, connected ‘things’ can be invited as participants into a task. In other words, everything required to achieve the task goal is very much an integral part of team collaboration in real time. All generated data, actions and status updates are managed by authorized participants of the team directly from their smartphones.

As CEO of BlueFlock Technologies, Kiran Raju, puts it, “I believe, the human window into this world of connected ‘things’ will be his or her smartphone. We are nudging enterprises to leverage the best of IoE using the BlueFlock App. We are giving theses enterprises a head start by placing the future of business collaboration in their hands.”

GVK EMRI, a pioneer in emergency management services in India, uses BlueFlock for its real time team collaboration. Using BlueFlock an ambulance is also added to every emergency task as a collaborative participant along with the human participants. Information such as location, kilometers travelled, fuel filled, ambulance driver etc flows directly from the ambulance into the task, keeping all human participants well informed.

In the IoE world, everything stands connected – people, processes, data and things. However, to date, there are still 99% of things that remain unconnected. Future of enterprise success is all about how intelligently data is collected, analysed, relayed and acted upon between people, processes, machines and things in real time. BlueFlock App makes this seemingly distant future possible today.

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