At Mobile World Congress 2017, in Barcelona, Spain, Ericsson is presenting pioneering solutions for the digital frontier, a new landscape where the expanding mobile ecosystem brings together technological and commercial ingenuity. Across more than 70 proof points and demonstrations, Ericsson and its partners and customers will showcase how they are leading the way with tomorrow’s technology and use cases.

In the outer area of Hall 2, Ericsson and King’s College London have the “Internet of Skills” on display. In this demo, visitors can try on a haptic glove connected to sensors on a patient, simulating a remote health examination as an example of how the tactile internet can support mission-critical tasks. Also in the open area, a wall represents how future digital infrastructure designs will evolve. Watch an autonomous robot move faster than people as it reconfigures a large-scale system to meet the changing needs of compute, storage and network.

Via Virtual Reality, visitors can experience a 21st century education at a Connect to Learn school in Myanmar. As with previous years and in keeping with the GSMA focus on sustainability, visitors can engage with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and learn more about Ericsson’s numerous projects with customers and partners to advance society.


Ericsson and China Mobile have jointly developed a 5G-enabled Smart Factory prototype using key 5G Core Network technology – Network Slicing. The demo will simulate the assembly line in the Smart Factory environment, enabled by the 5G connected industry standard PLC connections.

More cellular IoT use cases for Smart Cities, Fleet Management, Smart Buildings, Smart Agriculture, and manufacturing enabled by Cat-M1 and NB-IoT technologies will be demonstrated jointly with leading operators and ecosystem partners.


Ericsson is showcasing its frontrunner 5G solutions with use cases and proof points. In another live demonstration with Intel, the cross-vendor 5G over-the-air 28GHz trial radio and device platform will be up and running, with Ericsson’s award winning 5G Test Bed and Intel’s 5G Mobile Test Platform.

In support of the ever-increasing and global demand for high speed mobile data services, Ericsson will be providing comprehensive showcases of Gigabit Class LTE. The launch of the Gigabit Class LTE service offering bolsters Ericsson’s latest 5G portfolio launches.

Ericsson and Sprint will jointly demonstrate LTE technology advances to show 1 Gbps class performance over 60 MHz of LTE TDD spectrum, an industry first. Using both licensed and unlicensed spectrum, Ericsson, AT&T, Orange and Qualcomm Technologies will show Gigabit Class LTE as a way to increase capacity and improve performance across existing networks.

A main attraction for visitors will be the remote-controlled car driving demo between Ericsson and Telefonica Spain. Visitors can get behind the wheel and test connectivity to an off-site car over a 5G trial system.


Ericsson will feature the latest innovations in TV & Media that will empower operators to compete, differentiate and transform. In addition to its award-winning MediaFirst TV Platform, Ericsson will showcase deep analytics, smarter recommendations and more personalized TV experiences, as well as industry-leading solutions to drive video delivery performance and efficiency. By bringing together the audience experience, the ability to leverage data and maximize networks, Ericsson will demonstrate the true value of TV and media as a powerful differentiator in a converged world.

Ericsson at Mobile World Congress 2017

Anything can happen on the digital frontier, a promising but undiscovered future. From February 27 to March 2 in Barcelona, Spain, Ericsson is demonstrating a collaborative approach and innovative solutions to succeed in this arena.

With our customers and partners, we work across industries, physical boundaries and perceived limitations. Join us in Hall 2 or online during MWC 2017 and engage in conversations and demonstrations about our favorite things: 5G; platforms and services for IT, Cloud, Networks, and TV & Media; connected solutions for industries; the Internet of Things; and partnering for success.

See you there!