Essence, a leading global provider of connected living solutions, will be at CES 2018 presenting its range of solutions that ensure that service providers – security, insurance, utilities, telcos, and healthcare – are set up to profit from consumer IoT services.

Consumers have been buying a multitude of devices but combining them into one solution has been a problem for the average homeowner. Delivering integrated smart home solutions is the biggest opportunity that service providers have had in years. Taking a holistic approach, Essence has created end-to-end solutions – hardware, software, and service – that allow telcos, utilities, and insurers to quickly and easily offer IoT services to their established customer base.

Essence’s two IoT flagship platforms are WeR@Home for home safety, security and management, with control from any device or screen; and Care@Home, a complete platform offering everything from a home and away PERS and mPERS system and two-way voice alerting to a completely self-learning suite that tracks seniors’ patterns and notifies service providers, family members, health professionals, and/or emergency services when something goes wrong.

The end-to-end hardware and software solutions are backed up with a complete cloud-based management platform that accelerates integration with the service providers’ existing systems. The cloud service suite features hosting, data analytics, 24/7 multi-level support, and full customization for professional and DIY security and home management, accelerating time to market. The cloud infrastructure lays the groundwork service providers need to fully leverage the possibilities of data analytics to upsell services and profit from third-party partnerships.

Leveraging voice capabilities – the medium that is fast becoming a replacement for mobile apps as the next user interface, Essence will be presenting a range of voice control options, allowing consumers to control their security and IoT devices with simple voice commands. By delivering voice control, service providers increase both consumer convenience and security via voice recognition, with two-way communications to the monitoring station. The VPD product enables seniors to easily call for hand-free assistance in times of emergency by recognizing calls for help.

Service providers can also enhance profitability and strengthen customer loyalty and peace of mind by adding cybersecurity to their offerings. To this end, Essence is announcing a new venture that will deliver the ability to extend physical protection to the cyber zone, ensuring that the IoT systems and all related interactive devices in the home are protected against attacks. With 25 years in the professional security space, plus top notch cyber experts with military background, Essence has extensive experience protecting the perimeter.

Essence’s new venture plans to offer a complete IoT platform for the Industrial IoT sector, utilizing its extensive knowhow in sensor management combined with big data expertise to bring a solution that will optimize the production process and protect it from outside attacks.

“By offering end-to-end IoT lifestyle solutions, service providers can quickly increase ARPU and expand their customer base,” said Yaniv Amir, CEO, Essence USA. “We’re offering the complete systems they need to let them quickly take advantage of the business expansion opportunities in the connected home market.”