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Essence, a leading provider of IoT, cloud-based connected living solutions, announces that it has again won the ESX Innovation award for excellence in the PERS field of personal emergency technologies with the breakthrough Voice Panic Detector. The VPD is the first product in the industry to employ voice recognition technology to give seniors access to emergency response by using the most seamless interface of all – their voice.

This product, aside from garnering industry attention even prior to its commercial release, has created great expectation among customers. Essence’s complete line of PERS offerings is now supported by Affiliated Monitoring, one of the largest monitoring centers in the U.S., and is now available to Affiliated’s dealer network.

“Essence technology has been field proven to save lives,” said Michael Zydor, Managing Director at Affiliated Monitoring. “We’re excited to support Essence’s PERS offerings to our dealers with its innovative technology that helps dealers appeal to a wider base of customers in the marketplace..”

With a meaningful percentage of cases where people are unable to access panic buttons at the time they are most needed, the VPD with Intelligent Voice Activation™ responds to vocal distress calls and immediately conveys the information to a monitoring center. With the ability to be activated using only recognized signals, the VPD will not return false alarms while its recognition algorithms ensure help will be on the way when needed.

This latest innovation is an extension of Essence’s field-proven Care@Home PERS+ offerings that goes beyond traditional PERS by providing extra levels of safety that includes smoke and water leak detectors as well as the upcoming EP Active panic pendant with fall detection.

“Our customers continually expect – and receive – cutting-edge technologies from Essence that strengthen their emergency response offerings,” said Yaniv Amir, President, Essence USA. “With the VPD, we are raising the bar and giving them even more tools to drastically increase the well-being of their end-users.”

With PERS+, seniors get a voice-activated option that responds to a help word if there’s a medical emergency and they can’t physically access their units. It’s a two-way system, so the monitoring company can communicate with the client directly to determine the level of assistance required.

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