Big Data Content Management Platform Further Enhances Essity's Market-Leading Hygiene Products and Data-Driven Solutions

Essity, a leading global hygiene and health company and maker of the Tork brand of products, services and solutions, and Microsoft will partner to leverage the power of big data and cloud computing to further enhance Essity’s market-leading hygiene and health products and solutions globally.

Directly benefitting its facility management customers, Essity will integrate its award-winning Tork EasyCube™ Facility Management software with Microsoft’s Azure Internet of Things (IoT) solutions to optimise everyday operations – saving customers time and money, as well as enhancing sustainability. This partnership will provide facility management and cleaning staff with focused, actionable information, powered by the strong data security, enhanced analytics and continued innovation of Microsoft. What’s more, as facilities increasingly leverage IoT systems to manage operational needs, administrators will have the opportunity to streamline platforms and processes.

In 2014, Essity’s Tork brand, the world’s professional hygiene category leader, revolutionised facility cleaning by bringing an IoT approach to facility management in venues around the world. Through Tork EasyCube, Essity empowers cleaners and facility managers to track real-time data surrounding traffic patterns and product consumption. In turn, this information helps:

  • Improve Efficiency – No time is wasted checking unused facilities and staff have more time to tackle pressing cleaning needs.
  • Improve Quality and Customer Satisfaction – Data-driven cleaning creates higher quality environments by eliminating empty dispensers and untidy areas before complaints arise.
  • Improve Staff Engagement and Well-being – Cleaning staff are confident that every task matters, boosting their productivity and job satisfaction.

“Tork EasyCube has revolutionised how our industry views cleaning. What started as an innovative way to manage washrooms has rapidly evolved into a holistic facility cleaning offering and we’re just getting started. We are already leading the global market with this facility management software; partnering with Microsoft and leveraging the Azure platform is the first of many ways we plan to bring added value to our customers.” said Don Lewis, President, Essity Professional Hygiene

“We’re proud to be chosen as a trusted partner on Essity’s digital transformation journey. This collaboration will enable a new digital cloud platform for Essity to deliver even better products and services. By utilising IoT and advanced data analytical solutions Essity have the capability to support their customers with world class hygiene and health solutions”, says Joacim Damgard, General Manager, Microsoft Sweden.