Photo Source: www.etherfax.net/

etherFAX, announced an expanded partnership with MultiTech, a leading provider of M2M (machine-to-machine), IoT (Internet of Things) and enterprise communication platforms. The most recent collaboration leverages etherFAX to cloud-enable the MultiTech FaxFinder fax server solution, offering healthcare organizations and other enterprises with the capability to send and receive documents via the Internet with end-to-end encryption and guaranteed delivery.

This is the second solution on which etherFAX and MultiTech have collaborated. In February 2015, the companies developed etherFAX A2E (analog-to-ethernet), a plug-and-play device that connects existing analog fax machines to the etherFAX network.

“As the healthcare industry integrates the cloud with IT operations, extending fax operations and applications to this infrastructure can be challenging,” said Stefan Lindvall, CEO of MultiTech. “Our partnership with etherFAX offers several options to cloud-enable fax operations and extend existing fax devices to the etherFAX network for secure transport.”

“MultiTech is a recognized leader in the industry and we welcome the opportunity to cloud-enable the FaxFinder and make it a part of the etherFAX ecosystem,” said Paul Banco, CEO of etherFAX. “This integration will expand the number of secure endpoints that organizations can leverage to send and receive business-critical information.”

The integration between MultiTech FaxFinder and etherFAX will be in production Q2 2016. Additionally, the etherFAX A2E device will also be available through MultiTech’s distribution channel in Q2 2016.

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