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AT&T Shape TechExpo

July 15, 2016 - July 16, 2016



Ever wanted to get your hands on the latest tech? Curious about the next big thing? Interested in creating cutting-edge content? Explore various areas of the technological landscape. See the future being shaped through hands-on demos from our exhibitors. See you there.

Focus areas

Internet of Things

Anything and everything can be connected.

The objects of our lives are connecting and lighting up with possibilities. Our devices, toys, cars, and enterprise technologies are plugged into the Internet of Things (IoT)—making our lives easier and simply better. See things you’ve never seen before. Find out how connected your world can be.

ANALYTICS OF DAVE: Learn how Dave Haase, top Race Across America ultra-cyclist, and IBM Analytics team up to outthink the competition enabling Dave to achieve perfect race execution.

AT&T DIGITAL LIFE: Stop by and experience the latest innovations in smart home security from AT&T Digital Life.

AT&T DRIVE: Visit the AT&T Drive experience and learn more about how AT&T is transforming the connected vehicle.

BUILD AN IOT APP DEMO: With the AT&T App demo, you’ll build IoT solutions in six easy steps.

BUYER EXPERIENCE: Fueled by analytics and the power of cognitive solutions, see how IBM helps companies create moments that delight customers, develop loyalty and build advocacy.

CARUMA TECHNOLOGIES, INC.: AI combines with the latest computer vision and connectivity technologies to create security systems.

CONNECTED CAR: Connect your ride to the rest of your digital life with Samsung Connect Auto, and transform your driving and car owning experience.

“GE DIGITAL DATA SCIENCE IN ACTION” – CHEMICALS PLANT ASSET MONITORING AND DIAGNOSTICS: Get a demo of the value chain provided by data science at GE Digital through illustrative cases of diagnostics, predictive analytics, and prescriptions for optimal use for various industrial equipment.

HOLOLENS: Come and see Microsoft HoloLens—a fully self-contained, holographic computer, enabling you to interact with high definition holograms.

HOME HEALTH MONITORING BY KINETIC CARE: Get a demonstration of an affordable home health monitoring and action station.

IOT ANALYTICS INSIGHTS: AT&T and IBM show an example of how enterprises can see asset health trends and predict failures to ultimately reduce maintenance costs and asset downtime

IOT COMMUNITY AND ECOSYSTEM: From three recent market trials, learn how new tech enables more innovative IoT business models.

IOT FOR AGRICULTURAL MONITORING: See IoT brought to life through connectivity of sensors and meters, even at challenging locations.

IOT INTEGRATION WITH AR SMART GLASSES: Using IoT integration at the Accenture Singapore IoT Innovation center, AR smart glasses get you contextual, hand-free info while troubleshooting a water pump.

IOT RAPID PROTOTYPING KIT: See how you can use this kit to rapidly build and deploy micro services to create behavior such as set alarms or take action when a shipping container is breached.

IOT SMART HOME: Discover how to transform existing set-top-box into a Smart Home Hub leveraging modern IoT Device Application DevOps platform.

KANZI CONNECT: Learn how Kanzi Connect, integrated with AT&T Drive, enables car makers to create stunning multi-display user experiences for connected cars.

MARMALADE: Learn about Marmalade, a leading cross-platform tool for game developers. Code once, add services, and deploy to iOS, Android, and Windows.

PLAY BALL! WITH FOOSBALL: Participants are challenged to FoosBuzz, an IoT gaming experience. The game state streams to IBM Watson IoT platform and Watson may be heard heckling players.

STRINGIFY: Get a demo of how Stringify connects and controls smart devices like Fitbi, and digital services like Facebook from one app to build powerful automation experiences.

SUNPOWER MOVILE SOLAR STUDIO: Experience how homeowners save on electricity costs and reduce carbon footprints.

TANGO SPARE PART AUTOMATION DEMO: See Google Tango power an IoT spare part automation platform. 3D VR helps the worker identify parts and get information about inventory for part replacement needs.

Emerging Technologies

We’re always connecting.

Transformative technologies help us stay more connected than ever. To our devices. To our platforms. To the people around us. These connections open up new possibilities in robotics, AI, currency, and communications. We’re tackling challenges we never expected. Let’s find out what we can do in a truly connected world.

GALE BY 19LABS: Try a 21st-century first aid kit: A smart portable health center, delivering an informed, organized, smart remote healthcare experience.

ASTROBOTIC: Experience the future of exploration! Drive a rover on the surface of the moon using a VR headset.

CROSSWING: Holonomic virtualME robots deliver AT&T WebRTC-powered telepresence and support rich developer customization.

EYERIS TECHNOLOGIES: Deep learning vision AI for face analytics and emotion recognition from micro-expressions.

HICAST SPORTS NETWORK: Watch youth sporting events on your mobile device anytime, anywhere, and instantly save, customize, tag, and share your favorite moments.

LINKNYC: Learn how a new communications network will bring fast, convenient access to millions in NYC.

NEOFACE WATCH: Try NEC’s market leading NeoFace® face recognition system, the product of NEC’s deep understanding of biometric technology and its challenges.

ROBOHON: Experience RoBoHoN, a hybrid of a robot and a smartphone that communicates with you through voice control and learns to fit to your preferences.

ROBOTIS: Dance and play with robots, including the ROBOTIS MINI Dancing Team and the soccer star ROBOTIS OP2.

SNAPDRAGON™ MICRO ROVER RACE: Test drive the latest in robotics innovation and experience multiple Qualcomm® technologies at once. SOFTBANK ROBOTICS

SOFTBANK ROBOTICS: Meet Pepper, SoftBank Robotics’ interactive, programmable robot.

SPROUT BY HP: Try a fully-integrated desktop 3D scanning solution with 3D object capture and 3D printing options.

TABLEAU SOFTWARE: Visualize and understand data with Tableau Software. Learn how experts use sports data to make predictions.

TIERION: See how the Bitcoin blockchain is being use as global platform for verifying any data, file, or business process.

XPERIA EAR: Try out a wireless earpiece that responds to verbal commands. Get your schedule and weather on the go.

XPERIA PROJECTOR: Using the Xperia Projector, make any clear surface act as your smartphone screen.

Smart Cities

What if our cars drove us to work in the morning? What if our streetlights knew when the sun was coming up? What if our water connected to our network?

Technology is expanding beyond our desks, pockets, and homes and emerging on our streets. It’s making our cities smarter and more efficient than ever. Let’s lighten the heavy infrastructure and let our cities grow. Experience what it’s like to live in the future.

AT&T SMART CITIES: Discover how IoT helps cities improve daily life and manage services more effectively.

EXPO FLOOR: Biba’s smart playground system uses fun and engaging mobile games to securely generate real-time site usage data.

LITTLE GIANTS PARK: To see our smart playground system in action, visit Little Giants Park where you can try a few rounds of Biba Batter Up!

CISCO: Learn how you can keep track of, control, and secure IT and non-IT assets across multiple locations.

MOTIONLOFT: See live data from Shape pedestrian traffic collected and analyzed in real time.

PREDICTIVE MOBILITY: Discover how Ericsson’s predictive mobility layer enhances the entertainment experience for driver and passengers in an autonomous vehicle.

RECYCLING FUN BY FINGER FOOD STUDIOS: See how an app-enabled robotic recycling bin improves recycling rates through education and rewards.

SANTA CLARA COUNTY LIVE TRAFFIC DEMO: See how to get from Point A to Point B as fast as possible. MetroTech can collect existing video and sensor data, analyze it and instantly publish it to users.

SENSITY: See how vehicle detection and analytics work in a live environment using radio-controlled cars.:

STREETLINE: See how Streetline’s innovations can help lower the cost of smart parking by capturing parking occupancy and making it useful to drivers, city planning, and developers.

Virtual Reality

Video is just the beginning. Now, with breakthrough tools and technology we can bypass the screen and enter entirely new worlds. Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) are helping us tell truly immersive stories: whether entering holograms during conference calls, stepping inside a famous film, or visiting a city you’ve never seen.

Come explore and experiment with the new reality of content creation, communication, and innovation.

4K TV: The Samsung TV takes extraordinary home entertainment to the next level with lifelike clarity, higher resolution, a sharper picture and dramatic detail.

AT&T | TOMS: Visit the AT&T TOMS Shoebox for a unique VR experience celebrating a decade of good together.

AT&T APPLICATION RESOURCE OPTIMIZER (ARO): A free diagnostic tool and set of best practices teaches you to optimize apps for mobile and video.

AT&T IT CAN WAIT: Learn the dangers and consequences of texting and driving with the AT&T It Can Wait VR experience.

AVEGANT: Enjoy 2D, 3D, and 360 video using any device with the Glyph, a first-generation mobile accessory.

BEYOND CAMERA: Immerse yourself in a live-streaming virtual reality experience created with the most compact 3D-capturing 360°Beyond Camera.

BLIPPAR: Try a visual discovery app using computer vision and augmented reality to bring the physical world to life through any device with a camera lens.

CONNECTED CAMERAS: Explore connected-action LTE cameras that allow you to live stream your adventures to the world.

CROSS-PLATFORM MIXED REALITY: See how entertainment, social interaction, and collaborative work environments can be developed utilizing networked AR, VR, and desktop clients.

4K ULTRA HD: Ultra HD is now available 24/7! DIRECTV 4K ULTRA HD gives you premier theater-quality sound and the industry’s best picture format.

DIRECTV APP & MOBILE DVR: Access your DVR on the go to enjoy your DIRECTV entertainment everywhere – online and offline. No separate box needed.

BKB VR: Experience the thrill of Big Knockout Boxing (BKB), the next evolution in boxing, in immersive virtual reality!

MULTI-USER VR THEATER: Watch video in a virtual home theater with others in a networked, body movement tracked VR environment.

GE DIGITAL “PREDIX IN ACTION” (SUBSEA AND HELICOPTER RESCUE VR): Experience examples of how the Predix cloud platform can make industrial IoT a reality by letting developers connect machines and devices, manage industrial data, and transform the way that industries work.

GEAR VR Strap into the future of entertainment today with the Gear VR rollercoaster experience.

HTC – VIVE: See how Vive can make the visual, physical, and emotional experience of virtual reality match expectations. Immerse yourself in boundless, room-scale environments.

LG: Experience the G5 and friends. Its unique design and modular functionality lets you experience more of your world.

NOKIA OZO VR CAMERA: Try out a professional VR camera that captures 360° spherical video and 360×360 surround sound.

OCULUS RIFT: Feel like you’re really there, whether you’re stepping into your favorite game, watching a movie, jumping to a destination across the world, or just spending time with friends in VR.

OSVR: OSVR-designed headset and hacker dev kit makes VR accessible to developers, enthusiasts, and gamers.

SAPIENT NITRO: Explore VR retail with a tour of a SoHo boutique. Shop virtually and purchase on the ecommerce site.

VIRTUAL REALITY SMART CITY TOUR: Manage your city in real-time through the AT&T virtual reality experience.

VR MEDIA: Experience VR with fully personalized content – from media interaction to advertising.


Track your heart rate. Measure your sleep quality. Monitor your blood pressure.

The data we gather has the opportunity to revolutionize the way we live, play, work, and exercise by merging convenience with better awareness of our health and habits. Discover the future of fitness, health tracking, and beyond with the next generation of wearables.

BIOTRICITY: Learn more about bioflux, comprised of an intelligent IoT ECG monitoring device, software, and a monitoring lab.


Discover just how seamlessly interconnected your life can be between Samsung TVs, wearables, smartphones and tablets.

FITBIT: Get hands-on with the latest Fitbit trackers.

LG: Experience LG smart watches. It’s easier than ever to stay on time, be informed and stay connected

LTE CONNECTED WEARABLES: See a showcase of commercially available LTE-enabled wearable devices.

SMARTEYEGLASS: Transform and enhance your work experience with augmented reality smart glasses.

WITHINGS: Gain a complete picture of your health with Withings’ range of connected health devices, including activity trackers, scales, and blood pressure monitors.

XPERIA AGENT: Agent is the future of personal assistance, responding to voice and gestures.


July 15, 2016
July 16, 2016
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