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Internet of Things Applications USA

November 16, 2016 - November 17, 2016

Internet of Things

This IDTechEx event addresses the real opportunity for the Internet of Things, not hype. Business models, case studies, opportunities and profitability are all covered. Specific market verticals are covered in addition to new enabling technologies.

The event is designed to help you assess your business strategy and timing, the technical, consumer and governmental challenges, new business models and opportunities.

The event’s mission is to:

  • Assess the business cases for IoT / Industry 4.0
  • Identify added value profitable opportunities across the supply chain
  • Cover the full scope of IoT systems from the market leaders
  • Learn about the new disruptive technologies enabling IoT.

Event Highlights

  • 200+ Exhibitors expected
  • End-user focused needs and experiences aired
  • 200+ Presentations
  • Latest technologies Developments and roadmaps
  • 3000+ Attendees Demonstrations Samples.

Navigating IoT through the hype

The Internet of Things will connect existing systems and then augment those by connecting more things, thanks to wireless sensor networks and other technologies. Things on the ‘edge’ form mesh networks and can make their own automated decisions.

But where and how, in the scale of hype to reality, can the Internet of Things profit suppliers and users today? What are the pragmatic steps needed to enable the Internet of Things and widespread deployment of wireless sensor networks that are feasible and based on an ROI and not the hope someone else will pay for this? Who is buying IoT in the short term? Find the answers at this event in Berlin.

Demonstration street

The IDTechEx Show! exhibition will feature “Demonstration Street”, a large area dedicated to showing a full range of wireless products and prototypes, helping to create The Internet of Things and the Internet of Everything. It will include devices incorporating energy harvesting, sensor, printed electronics and wearable technologies; including wireless power, wireless charging, wireless sensors and much more.

Visitors to Demonstration Street will have the opportunity to examine prototypes, and commercial products. We invite any company with suitable products to apply for a free space in this area which can be used to demonstrate your product.

Qualifying companies will be able to place a brief description of the product next to it, along with business cards and a plaque bearing the company logo. Companies exhibiting at the event will also have signage next to their products referring people to their stands.

Who can apply?

Applicants for Demonstration Street must already be registered for the event; as either an attendee, exhibitor, or speaker. Applicants should have a working prototype or commercial product to show that demonstrates new advances in any of the related event topics of: 3D printing, energy harvesting, energy storage, electric vehicles, graphene, IoT, printed electronics, sensors, or wearable technology. *

What’s included?

Demonstration Street is an open 900 sq ft booth on the exhibition floor. Successful applicants will be given exhibit space and furniture in Demonstration Street to display their product FREE of charge (products are shown either freestanding, placed in a glass fronted showcase cabinet, or on a podium). Power is also supplied if required. A small sign will be placed with each product showing the company name, product description and contact details; the sign will be produced by IDTechEx Show Management. Successful applicants will also be listed as an exhibitor on the event website and in the event show guide (exhibitor listing includes a 50 company profile, logo, url).

Why will this benefit your company?

IDTechEx events are strongly marketed to many end user verticals. Attendees include brand managers and buyers who want to see working products rather than the components in the value chain. Demonstration Street aims to facilitate this by showcasing to potential customers your working products. In addition, this part of the exhibition will receive large press coverage from media beyond the electronics and manufacturing sectors.


These 23 expert-led masterclasses will ensure that you get the most from the conference and exhibition by arming you with the latest progress and perspective on the Internet of Things and many other topics, saving you extensive time in mapping the industry yourself.

The best way to learn the complete picture with detailed technology and market intelligence:

  • Complete mapping of technologies and markets
  • Covering key players, progress, innovations, case studies and forecasts
  • Masterclass attendees also have the opportunity to attend the Company Tours.

Masterclasses program:

Tuesday, November 15, 9:00am – 11:30am

  • MC1 Introduction to Printed Electronics
  • MC2 Wearable Electronics
  • MC3 Materials for Printed, Flexible and Organic Electronics
  • MC4 Energy Harvesting & Off-grid Renewable Energy
  • MC5 Structural Electronics
  • MC6 E-Textiles and Stretchable Electronics
  • MC7 Conductive Inks and Transparent Conductive Film
  • MC8 Supercapacitors
  • MC9 3D Printing Technologies
  • MC10 Displays & Lighting
  • MC11 Robotics
  • MC12 Graphene, Carbon Nanotubes and 2D Materials: Science, Technology & Markets
  • MC13 Batteries: From Thin Film to Post Lithium Ion
  • MC14 Printing Technologies for Electronic Applications
  • MC15 3D Printing Materials

Friday, November 18, 9:00am – 11:30am

  • MC16 Electric Vehicles: Markets, Trends, Opportunities – Land, Sea and Air
  • MC17 The Internet of Things: Indoor Positioning Systems, WSN, RTLS & Active RFID
  • MC18 Sensors & Actuators: Flexible and Printed
  • MC19 Barriers and Substrates for Printed and Flexible Electronics
  • MC20 Electric Vehicles: New Material and Component Opportunities
  • MC21 Trends in Sensors MC22RFID and Smart Packaging
  • MC23 AR and VR in smart eyewear: devices, technologies, forecasts


This event will take advantage of being located in Santa Clara by hosting tours to some of the leading companies working on the technology in this region.

The companies that will open their gates to the IDTechEx attendees will be:

  • Fujifilm: Friday 18 November

The FUJIFILM Dimatix tour provides an overview of the company, its products and its people with a walk-through of its manufacturing facility. FUJIFILM Dimatix, Inc. is the world’s premier provider of piezoelectric inkjet printheads and systems. As of July 2006, FUJIFILM Dimatix is a wholly owned subsidiary of FUJIFILM Corporation. FUJIFILM Dimatix has more than 32 years experience in advancing the performance of drop-on-demand dispensing devices and applications, and its state-of-the-art technology provides solutions for the printed electronics industry. FUJIFILM Dimatix’s MEMS-based technology lets inkjet printing create products like displays and electronics, RFID antennas, smart tags, DNA arrays, smart packaging and wearable electronics. The Dimatix Materials Printer is a low-cost, cartridge-based piezo inkjet printing system that enables direct deposition of functional fluids – including nanoparticle-based metallic and organic materials.

  • Kateeva: Friday 18 November

This year, guests will tour Kateeva’s Global Headquarters in Newark. The facility combines business operations, as well as development and manufacturing operations in one location. The tour begins with a brief overview of Kateeva and its inkjet printing manufacturing equipment solution. From there, guests will view three core components of Kateeva’s operations, outlined below. They’ll leave with a good snapshot of the business of innovating and building a complex manufacturing equipment solution for OLED mass-production. Tour highlights Window tour of OLED cleanroom and R+D printing laboratory. The purpose of the OLED cleanroom is to finish devices in which the charge transport and emitting layers are deposited by inkjet printing. This facility includes vacuum deposition tools, as well as spin coating and characterization tools. The R+D laboratory contains multiple R+D tools manufactured by Kateeva for OLED process development. Details of the tool capabilities will be discussed during the tour. Chemistry laboratory. Kateeva formulates OLED inks at its HQ. A brief description of Kateeva capabilities will be described. Window tour of demo tool facility. A basic description of Kateeva’s manufacturing tool will be provided, and capabilities highlighted.

  • NextFlex: Friday 18 November

NextFlex is a public-private partnership with the goal to advance America’s flexible hybrid electronics (FHE) manufacturing ecosystem. FHE involves the integration of thinned semiconductor or other bulk devices with printed electronics on flexible substrates. By integrating high-performance devices, FHE will enable advanced forms of human monitoring, such as “smart bandages” and other therapeutic applications; flexible sensor networks for monitoring of vehicles, buildings, bridges and other high-value assets; flexible, rollable, and conformable integrated array antennas; and “soft” robotics that utilize flexible electronics to impart and control motion in prosthetics and robotic devices. NextFlex has over 50 member institutions around the country, with whom it works to advance the maturity of FHE manufacturing, including materials, equipment, assembly, testing, and modeling of FHE systems. NextFlex is also building a pilot manufacturing facility at its San Jose headquarters, which will enable its members to collaborate on FHE-related manufacturing processes. NextFlex will share plans for its manufacturing facility, conduct tours of the cleanroom facilities, and solicit inputs on the design and capabilities of this unique facility, the first of its kind.

  • DuPont: Friday 18 November

On the tour you will be taken to the Sunnyvale Technology Center, a global photovoltaic research center where DuPont will share their broader vision and latest developments in the realm of printed electronics.

Co-Located Events:

  • 3D Printing USA
  • Electric Vehicles: Everything is Changing
  • Energy Harvesting USA
  • Energy Storage Innovations USA
  • Graphene & 2D Materials USA
  • Internet of Things Applications USA
  • Wearable USA
  • Printed Electronics USA
  • IDTechEx Sensors USA.

Each of the events are full two-day executive conferences, co-located with a common exhibition. These events are co-located because there is strong overlap across these topics, exposing you to the full relevant supply chains and customer and supplier bases, saving you time and money from attending separate events.

Attendees to any conference will have access to all co-located conference tracks and the combined exhibition.

The IDTechEx Launchpad

The IDTechEx Launchpad is an exciting new area in the exhibition that will feature live demonstrations of innovative and emerging products from early stage companies covering: Technologies covered:

  • Wearable technology IoT
  • 3D Printing
  • Sensors
  • Energy harvesting
  • Printed electronics
  • Graphene.


November 16, 2016
November 17, 2016
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