A semiconductor design company eWBM Co., Ltd. (CEO Stephen Oh) announced the mass production of the ‘MS1000’, a microcontroller with an embedded security module designed for IoT applications.

Building on the MR1000, launched by eWBM last June, the MS1000 is a high performance and low-power 32-bit processor with enhanced security capabilities and analog sensor interface functionality. With these enhancements, the MS1000 provides perfect protection of data from external attacks while minimizing the need for peripheral components.

In the existing market, most IoT devices are based on microcontrollers with software-based limited security capabilities or no security capabilities at all. In this regard, experts have pointed out that IoT devices have significant security vulnerabilities compared to the PCs or mobile products.

The MS1000 has a separate CPU for security processing, which maximizes its security capabilities such as secure boot, real-time integrity monitoring and protection for side-channel attacks without compromising the performance of the main CPU. The MS1000 also contains an embedded cryptographic hardware accelerator which improves the speed of encryption and decryption for secure communication protocols and secure data storage. With the MS1000, high performance IoT products can be developed that ensure security without the need for a separate security coprocessor.

“Currently we are working on developing Bluetooth security modules, IoT bridge modules, and gateway solutions with global partners, and also developing platforms for home automation, smart automotive, smart metering system, FinTech, and many other applications with domestic and foreign solution companies. Further, we will keep moving forward with the development of various security-related SoCs building a substantial IoT ecosystem,” said Stephen Oh, CEO of eWBM.

Vyomesh Joshi, a management consultant of eWBM, and executive vice-president of HP Imaging and Printing group predicted that “MS1000 is a key solution for the most annoying security issues of the fast-growing IoT market. It can create billions of markets in North America and China, as well as in South Korea.”

eWBM, Ltd. is a fabless SoC company specializing in IoT security and single-sensor based 3D depth image processing who has already completed two prototypes this year and is in the process of launching two mass production products including the MS1000. In recognition of SoC development and commercializing abilities, the company has attracted a total investment of 15 million dollars from the Value Invest Korea.

About eWBM

eWBM Co., Ltd. is a fast growing fabless semiconductor company in Korea who has cutting-edge technologies for both IoT and image processing devices. eWBM is creating new concept of SoC products targeting wearable devices, smart metering, and home automation by utilizing its high performance low power consumption design capability, with the strongest IoT security feature. eWBM is also specialized in DSP technology of 3D depth sensing with single 4-color sensor system. To learn more about eWBM: www.e-wbm.com