Elliptic Technologies, a leading provider of security for the connected world, today announced that SoC solution provider eWBM has selected Elliptic’s tRoot™ technology, a future-proof secure hardware root of trust enabling unique identification and authentication, for their newest IoT chipsets.

IoT devices with sensors, actuators and other data sources transfer information into aggregation points and gateways that can funnel through limitless paths with varied levels of complexity. Addressing security concerns in this challenging environment with a robust and flexible solution is essential for widespread IoT service deployments.

With Elliptic’s embedded hardware root of trust technology tRoot™, eWBM’s low power microcontroller offers deeply rooted security with exclusive authentication and confidentiality capabilities that prevents a wide range of evolving threats in the IoT such as theft, tampering, side channels attacks, malware and other serious breaches and vulnerabilities. Elliptic’s tRoot has a unique architecture with the ability to effectively adjust to future security requirements and standards, and enable personalization of features, extend services and environments to create business growth and monetization.

“With this new SoC for IoT, our main goal was to find a robust security solution for IoT applications that was highly flexible, easy to integrate and equipped with key features such as trusted boot, run time integrity checking, and secure key management,” said Stephen Oh, CEO, eWBM. “We look forward to continued collaboration with Elliptic and their highly skilled security team and silicon-proven designs.”

“To maintain the integrity of the IoT and the highest level of trust in devices for consumers, it is critical that applications support a set of fundamental security features to confront the complex and ever-changing threats in the market,” said Vijay Dube, President and CEO of Elliptic Technologies. “Elliptic makes it simple for SoC vendors like eWBM to use tRoot’s core features to protect security keys, processes and sensitive data, and we are pleased to provide them with a robust and scalable solution ready for the global IoT market.”

With the growing popularity of the IoT, security is increasingly becoming the primary concern. Elliptic and eWBM provide a solution that ensures access to all devices are securely authenticated and users are securely identified to avoid security breaches, bringing privacy and trust to customers. Elliptic will be featuring tRoot™ at MWC Congress 2015 from March 2-5 in Barcelona, at Stand 7K50.

About Elliptic tRoot™

Elliptic tRoot™ is a secure foundation of trust that enables connected devices to securely and uniquely identify and authenticate themselves to create secure channels for remote device management and service deployment for further revenue opportunities. tRoot’s advanced design addresses the complex IoT threats, by protecting the device and its data at boot time, run time and during the communication with other devices or the cloud. tRoot consistently addresses security throughout the device’s lifecycle. Embedded right into the SoC, this skillful design has been built with the best combination of size, performance and power. tRoot is a simple, flexible and scalable hardware root of trust providing exceptional security that can turn the future security requirements of the IoT into monetization through personalization of features, services, and environments.

About Elliptic Technologies

Elliptic Technologies is a leading global provider of embedded security hardware cores and software to chipset vendors, device manufacturers, service and content providers. Elliptic’s highly integrated solutions enable the highest levels of security technology in markets such as mobile, networking, home entertainment, automotive, and the Internet of Things (IoT). Elliptic’s hardware security cores enable designers to efficiently balance power, performance and cover a wide variety of cryptographic cores, public key accelerators, true random generators (TRNG) and protocol processors. Elliptic is creating a secure foundation of trust in multiple markets with tRoot™ for unique identification and authentication for secure device connectivity. The company is leading the world in DRM and link protection solutions with flagship technology tVault™ for downloading and sharing premium content between multiple devices, including DTCP-IP and HDCP SDKs built for “trusted execution environments” used in consumer electronics. To learn more about Elliptic: http://www.elliptictech.com.

About eWBM

eWBM Co, Ltd. is a SoC solution provider with cutting-edge technology in the 3D video processing core and IoT (Internet of Things) core markets. eWBM is evolving the 3D depth gesture recognition market with its propriety DSP technology, working closely with Dual Aperture for 4-color sensor systems. eWBM is creating a new model of IoT SoC solutions targeting wearable devices, wireless gateways, home appliances, and more, with the strongest security technology for IoT. To learn more about eWBM visit: http://www.e-wbm.com