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eWBM a leading developer of embedded security and image processing SoCs, announced the mass production of the “MS500” and “MS300”, micro-controllers with strong embedded hardware security features for Internet of Things (IoT) applications.

Security is one of the most critical problems for IoT application since most IoT applications are operating with limited software­ based security capabilities or no security at all. “Security (or lack there of) has been the number one issue preventing IoT applications from becoming widespread,” said Stephen Oh, CEO of eWBM Co., Ltd. “We are very confident that we can provide the right solution to address existing Internet of Things security concerns with our MS300/MS500 micro-controllers.

To address IoT’s existing security vulnerability, the MS500/MS300 provides security features such as secure boot, secure storage, low power encryption engines, real-time integrity monitoring capability, side-­channel attack protection, and secure RTOS support, which were previously only available for high­-level CPUs and application processors. MS500/MS300 is based on ARM’s Cortex­-M0 running up to 100MHz. This provides a versatile programming environment supported by many existing tools. The MS500/MS300 also provides high speed on­-the-­fly encryption/decryption capabilities using host and slave SDIO3.0 peripherals, a feature not available in small and lightweight Internet of Things devices. With the MS300/MS500, high performance IoT products can be developed to ensure security without the need for a separate security coprocessor.

“The rapidly growing IoT market requires products such as eWBM’s MS500 and MS300 micro-controllers to help address security vulnerabilities,” said John Koeter, vice president of marketing for IP and prototyping at Synopsys. “Integrating Synopsys’ DesignWare® True Random Number Generator, Public Key Accelerator and Security Protocol Accelerator IP enables the MS500 and MS300 micro-controllers to perform the required functions for highly secure IoT systems.”

eWBM Co., Ltd obtained official FIDO alliance certification (FIDO Certified) in April of 2016 under interoperability testing as the first South Korean SOC company using MS1000 platform. The company is also currently developing security biometric authentication solutions including fingerprint recognition, iris recognition, and vein recognition with various biometric companies preparing for the age of FinTech. In addition, eWBM Co., Ltd. is a fast-growing Korean fabless semiconductor company delivering cutting-edge technologies for both internet of things security as well as innovative single-sensor based 3D depth image processing, which will be in mass production from Q4 of 2016.

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