Exar Corporation, a leading supplier of analog mixed-signal products serving the industrial, high-end consumer and infrastructure markets, will showcase its diverse products that are highly applicable to the expanding Internet of Things (IoT) market at Embedded World 2016, February 23-25, Nuremberg, Germany. These products, from front-end sensor interfaces through connectivity bridges and power solutions to drivers for LED lighting, will be on show on Booth 422 in Hall 5.

Sensor Interface
Exar’s award winning XR10910 Sensor Interface offers an onboard 16:1 differential multiplexer, offset correction DAC, programmable gain instrumentation amplifier and voltage reference. This analog front-end provides 14-bit signal path linearity to connect multiple bridge sensors to a microcontroller (MCU). It is particularly applicable for force sensing where it can enable new touch-sensitive user interfaces that are rugged and work on any surface. This will be demonstrated on the booth by the XR15715 force-sensing module.

Connectivity Bridge
The Exar XR22804 is one of a family of USB to Ethernet Bridge ICs that offer an unprecedented level of integration, combining a Hi-Speed USB 2.0 hub with controllers for 10/100 Ethernet, I2C, EDGE GPIO and up to four UARTs in a single chip. This bridge solution, providing multiple communication standards from a single USB port, will allow many legacy product designs to be readily adapted for connection to the Internet of Things (IoT). The devices also serve the markets for industrial equipment, factory automation, networking, test and POS terminals and many other embedded applications.

Power Solutions
Specifically addressing 40V power for industrial applications, Exar has a range of solutions that include its XR76203/05/08 Synchronous Step-Down Constant on-Time Regulators, its XR79203/06 High Current Power Modules and its XR77129 Single-Chip 40V Programmable PMIC. These parts feature industry-leading performance: regulators with exceptional line/load regulation, modules with the highest power density and smallest size and controllers that solve unique and difficult power conversion challenges.

LED Drivers
Exar’s patented AC step driving ICs provide industry-leading solutions for the LED downlight fixtures used in high bay and custom lighting applications. These drivers do not require the inductors, transformers, electrolytic capacitors or metal oxide varistors (MOVs) normally found in AC-DC designs. This enables customers to eliminate their separate driver circuit board and greatly reduce their total BOM cost. In addition, these solutions deliver a very high power factor, very low THD, high surge immunity, low flicker and provide a dimming capability compatible with a wide range of industry-standard TRIAC dimmers. The XR46110 is a single-stage AC step driver while the XR46050 provides a two-stage single chip solution.