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Exosite announced the Exosite IoT Alliance, a collaboration of edge devices, communication, business systems and software, and solution providers. The Exosite IoT Alliance is an ecosystem of like-minded companies and technology providers focused on advancing innovation in the digital enterprise and accelerating the overall adoption of IoT.

Founding members of the Exosite IoT Alliance include some of the world’s leading technology companies: Artila, Atmel®, Bitwise IO, Digi, exceet Secure Solutions, GainSpan, Microchip Technology, MultiTech, NimbeLink, Powelectrics, Robustel, SMT Engineering, Synapse Wireless, Texas Instruments, The Nerdery, WPI Group, and WT Microelectronics.

The Exosite IoT Alliance ecosystem includes a broad spectrum of IoT technology providers, resources, and experts to reduce the complexity of developing IoT solutions, which saves time and money. Members can team together to help their customers figure out complex solutions, reach their goals, and efficiently go to market…often much faster than by working on their own. In short, The IoT Alliance reduces the barriers facing companies internally and externally to reach their goals and fully appreciate the potential of IoT solutions tailored to their needs. When transformation is the goal, partners in the Exosite IoT Alliance are here to help make it happen.

“We are looking forward to deepening our relationships with our partners to leverage our IoT cloud platform and expertise. We believe our collaboration will accelerate the monetization of IoT applications and services,” said Hans Rempel, CEO of Exosite. “The Exosite IoT Alliance provides our ecosystem partners with the training, support, and marketing programs to ensure that together we are rapidly delivering complete, high value IoT solutions to customers.”

Exosite IoT Alliance members benefit from access to…

  • ExositeReady™, a new technology integration component, which provides IoT focused production-quality software for developers to jumpstart their IoT programs. Exosite will work with partners to deliver software that takes advantage of the partners’ hardware and software capabilities and meets the standards set by ExositeReady™.
  • Marketing programs to increase awareness and lead generation.
  • Training and education programs to enable partners to leverage Exosite’s IoT solutions.
  • Sales opportunities from referrals and collaboration with the Exosite sales teams.

“In order to make the billions of connected devices for the Internet of Things a reality, a complete ecosystem with an end-to-end cloud services solution is required,” said Pierre Roux, Wireless Product Line Director, Atmel® Corporation. “Our leading edge-node IoT solutions leveraging our Atmel | SMART wireless and security solutions are cloud-native ready to work with the Exosite platform. We look forward to collaborating further with Exosite.”

“This alliance with Exosite will further enable developers to create IoT edge designs with our broad range of wired and wireless solutions, sensors, and eXtreme Low Power PIC® microcontrollers,” said Mike Ballard, senior manager of Microchip’s IoT Group. “IoT is rapidly evolving, and our collaboration with Exosite and their proven IoT platform will accelerate the adoption of IoT applications and drive new opportunities for our customers.”

Nick Lethaby, IoT Ecosystem Manager, Texas Instruments (TI), echoed the benefits of being an inaugural member of the Alliance. “Exosite’s partnership with TI provides a world-class and reliable cloud experience for our customers using TI’s wireless MCU LaunchPad™ evaluation kits,” stated Lethaby. “With one of the industry’s largest IoT partner ecosystems, we are a major advocate for the Exosite IoT Alliance because of the opportunities our customers will have to collaborate with Exosite’s IoT ecosystem and like-minded innovators. TI’s experience with Exosite’s cloud platform and easy-to-deploy applications enable end users to manage and monitor a variety of devices, and interact with real-time data for the IoT.”

To learn more about the Exosite IoT Alliance please visit https://exosite.com/partners

About Exosite

Exosite, with offices in the Americas, APAC, and EMEA, enables the world’s leading durable goods manufacturers in consumer, commercial, and industrial markets to quickly build and deploy solutions that capture the IoT generation of their business. Exosite provides an enterprise-grade, analytics-driven IoT software platform that allows OEMs to create economic leverage while eliminating the risk and burden of custom infrastructure.