Wink Users

Ezlo Innovation recently announced a solution for Wink customers who are looking to switch to a new platform as a result of Wink’s implementation of a May 13th deadline to upgrade their service or face cancellation. Ezlo Innovation’s services will allow Wink users to continue utilizing much of the hardware already installed in their homes by replacing the Wink hub that controls and automates endpoint devices.

Vera, which is part of the Ezlo Innovation family of brands, is offering a program that guarantees Wink users will receive the latest smart home hub every 48 months and free onboarding assistance through the Vera Easy Start service. This $1.99 per month program ensures users will automatically receive the latest technology, beginning with a free Ezlo Atom smart home hub.

“We believe home automation should be accessible to everyone, and forcing users into a subscription model without the promise of new services or hardware is the wrong model for the industry,” said Mark Samuel, CEO of Ezlo Innovation. “The benefit of this program for Wink users is that they can keep their system working today, and guarantees they will have the latest, most secure hubs running their home in the future.”

At the center of the program, is the Ezlo Atom, the smallest home control hub on the market. It offers users control of Z-Wave devices such as lights, thermostats, door locks, sensors, and more—and pairs with the Vera mobile app for remote access, scene creation, and control of an additional 27,000 Wi-Fi devices through the innovative Ezlo VOITM platform. For Wink users who wish to control cameras or Zigbee devices, Ezlo will offer a Vera Plus controller for 50% off.