eZNTW, an advanced BACnet thermostat, will expand Delta Electronics’ subsidiary Delta Controls’ enteliZONE thermostat product line. The eZNTW, boasts unique communications capabilities, such as onboard WiFi to make it IoT-ready and enOcean® wireless capabilities for HVAC controls and in-room integration with a variety of peripheral products, such as lighting, blinds and door contact. The eZNTW also features a wide-range of sensing applications, from basic temperature monitoring to indoor air quality and occupancy sensing.

“The flexibility of the eZNTW is really what makes it stand out among its competition,” said Joe Oberle, President of Delta Controls. “With the combination of WiFi and enOcean connectivity, our BACnet capable thermostat features a level of connectivity that is rarely seen among Building Automation System. It’s the perfect starting point for those wanting to be IoT-ready and to connect multiple smart devices within a room.”

To cut down installation time, this BACnet-capable thermostat with fully-programmable capabilities can be configured using NFC-enabled mobile devices or a webpage via WiFi. Designed to accommodate a wide range of sensing applications, the eZNTW delivers custom solutions specific to the needs of each market within the built environment, and provides building occupants with an intuitive and customizable touch-interface. The eZNTW is ideal for difficult projects where running wires is prohibited, like building retrofits; the hospitality market where multiple sensors and contacts are needed to achieve energy management and improve guest experiences; and high occupancy locations, such as higher education dormitories and healthcare facilities.

A fully customizable button layout and a variety of housing color options sets the eZNTW apart from its contemporaries. The color of the display backlight is software driven, and can be used to indicate heating/cooling mode, alarm occupants, or match the customer’s corporate color. Facilities can incorporate the eZNTW into their IT infrastructure, delivering security and ease of installation.

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