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How Beneficial is IoT in Monitoring your Machine’s Performance?

How Beneficial is IoT in Monitoring your Machine’s Performance?

It is estimated that the number of active IoT devices will surpass 30.73 billion devices and even beyond, by the year 2020. IoT is an emerging technology that provides connectivity among...

End-to-End Testing – IoT System

The internet of things (IoT) is an intelligent technology between the real and the digital world. It is a system of interconnected devices that have the ability to collect and transfer...
IoT Apps Renewable Energy

Advantages of Using IoT in The Energy Industry

The renewable energy and energy optimization can be combined to enable sustainable energy transitions and mitigate climate changes. IoT is a disruptive technology that has resulted in a positive change by facilitating the demands...

Ways, IoT is Improving Lives

The term Internet of Things is increasingly being used to define devices that specifically communicate with the local network, the internet, and each other, independent of human action. IoT is wearable and...
wifi6 IoT

Wi-Fi 6 & IoT: What’s really at stake?

“Wi-Fi 6 is not just the next generation of Wi-Fi, nor just a set of increments in terms of better throughput and coverage that improve all existing deployments, but fundamentally a...

What Consumers Can Expect From Apple in 2019

Since the early days when Steve Jobs headed Apple, the global technology corporation has supported educational initiatives. Today, company officials host various educational technology events around the world. In addition, Apple...

Best Tech Gifts for 2019 – Gadget Gift Ideas

The holidays are here, and with the season comes the ongoing question of what gifts to get your friends and family to show them how much you care. With all the...
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4 Global Technology Trends Changing Business

Technology is the key for advancing business objectives in today's highly competitive marketplace. Because global technology trends are changing business, business leaders need to understand current technological innovations to help them...

Everything You Need to Know About IoT for 2019

Among consumers and professionals, the Internet of Things (IoT) is an increasingly hot topic. This innovation could change the way that we live and work. However, there are some who are...

IoT For the Office: Become More Productive and Focused

The notifications and information overload in our modern world can make it difficult to get things done. Our attention is so fragmented that we have trouble focusing and being productive. Time...