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Field Nation, the leading marketplace platform for contingent and on-demand workforce management, announced it will demonstrate how businesses can automate end-to-end service, maintenance and warranty of their connected Internet of Things (IoT) signage and display devices using Field Nation at Digital Signage Expo 2016. Field Nation will unveil its new IoT Uptime Architecture solution in the Innovator Zone at the Las Vegas Convention Center March 16 and 17.

The explosion of IoT innovation in the world of digital display means there are more connected devices and connections that require immediate, local and expert service to maintain uptime and prevent data blindness. Field Nation’s new IoT Uptime Architecture solution allows the connected devices themselves to monitor their own health and automatically dispatch freelance technicians when problems are detected. Digital signage providers, integrators and manufacturers can now manage their distributed networks of connected devices directly from the Field Nation enterprise platform.

The ability to manage a blended workforce of specialist integrators and local freelance experts is the single most important cornerstone of growth for these organizations. With the digital signage market expected to grow from $14.63 billion to $23.76 billion by 2020, display technology managers are increasingly relying on highly skilled and local contingent workers to manage their connected technology systems at scale.

Field Nation’s single-sourced solution helps businesses manage and maintain their technology systems in the retail, hospitality, restaurant, and other industries. The Field Nation marketplace now has more than 65,000 highly skilled experts who are experienced in connected network systems, beacons, Wi-Fi, inventory management systems, mobile and traditional point of sales.

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