MWC17 Finland

Finland is the global tech superpower. Supported by early access to new technologies, Finland and Finnish companies will be displaying their latest solutions and digital innovations at the Mobile World Congress 2017 (MWC 2017). Meet the Finnish Minister of Transport and Communications, Ms. Anne Berner, at the Finland pavilion on Monday 27th at 5pm.

For a country like Finland, a collaborative home field is key for being ahead in the new digital ballgame, where the development of new technologies like 5G, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Internet of Things and Virtual Reality drive all the players in the technology field to move forward at a remarkable pace.

Take 5G technology. From the R&D perspective, the 5G Test Network Finland (5GTNF) provides the most advanced 5G test environment in the world. It is a flexible and evolving platform for 5G service development and testing. It combines state-of-the-art network infrastructure, standardized interfaces for third party equipment and a comprehensive access to monitoring data.

This is why global connectivity giants like Nokia, Ericsson and Huawei come together with Finnish SMEs in the 5GTNF to develop entirely new and innovative solutions, ultimately benefiting everyone around the world.

Finnish tech collaboration does not end with 5G. The fast growing numbers of connected devices and sensors combined with technological advancements are creating an opportunity for organizations across industry segments and breeding life-simplifying innovations. In Finland, we are already actively pursuing these business cases with robot buses in Helsinki, AR/VR-based smart retail and Fintech solutions such as mobile payments, data management and crowdfunding platforms.

“Ultimately the mutual interaction of 5G, AI, IoT as well AR and VR will be the real game changer. For this reason, we provide Finnish SMEs access to these developing technologies earlier than our competitors do. Our model enables new innovations for the common good as well as for Finnish companies to stay on the cutting edge of the development. That’s our digital footprint,” explains Anne Berner, Finnish Minister of Transport and Communications.

Behind the Finnish spirit of collaboration is the deeply rooted culture of partnerships between enterprises, universities and research institutes.

“As a rule, working without unnecessary limitations or prejudice opens up the opportunity for Finnish companies to innovate and create something unprecedented. Open data initiatives are a crucial element in application development. Finland provides a unique collaborative environment, which guarantees a constant flow of ambitious companies with fresh innovations,” comments Hanna Marttinen-Deakins, Director, ICT & Digitalization at Finpro, the Finnish trade, travel and investment promotion agency.

Finnish innovations will light up Barcelona during the MWC 2017. Altogether 32 Finnish companies will be present at the Finland pavilion (5F31), proving why Finland is a true technology superpower in the fields of mobility solutions, connectivity, IoT, 5G and digital health.

Join us at the event and partner up with Finnish digital forerunners to keep up with the technological transformation and beyond.

Full list of Finnish companies at the MWC 2017