Kiiroo Eind Male Female

Flirt4Free and KIIROO® are pleased to announce an exclusive partnership that brings new realism to the live video chat experience via its global Internet platform. Thanks to advances in the increasingly popular field of teledildonics, Flirt4Free customers with KIIROO devices can now experience their chat partners’ touch sensations in real time. The partnership makes Flirt4Free the first and only commercial live video chat platform to offer customers this leading-edge SexTech option.

“KIIROO devices are adding touch to our advanced platform of real-time video and audio, and that opens up a new and more personal dimension in the webcam experience,” said Gregory Clayman, CEO of Flirt4Free. “Couples are already using KIIROO technology to maintain their intimate connection when they’re apart. At Flirt4Free, we’re using it to provide our customers a tactile experience that’s more realistic and intimate than ever before, all while staying safe and anonymous. It’s an innovative use of sex technology that customers won’t find anywhere else.”

Having been in business since 1996, Flirt4Free has managed to see a longevity that most in this business have not experienced. As pioneers in the industry, they continue to evolve with the fast-paced high tech advancements becoming more readily available. Developing the real-time video platform for the KIIROO devices is just another example of how they continue to be on the cutting-edge of adult technology by bridging adult content with the popular Internet of Things (IoT) space.

Flirt4Free is the only commercial live webcam site licensed to offer KIIROO technology directly to its clients and performers both male and female. The KIIROO Pearl for women transmits touch sensations to the KIIROO Onyx for men, using Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity and the kind of haptic sensors found in smartphones and other touch-screen devices. The Onyx can also deliver real-time touch sensations to another Onyx device. Customers who want to experience the technology simply purchase their preferred KIIROO device, set it up on their computer, and connect with Flirt4Free performers who are also using KIIROO.