Flo Technologies has unveiled its Flo water security and management system, the world’s most advanced and intelligent home water monitoring and conservation solution, with the launch of a limited early adopter program. The sophisticated water monitoring and shut-off system is the first device on the market to sense water pressure, flow rate and temperature while using AI to learn homeowner’s usage patterns. Flo is being made available at discounted rates for those wishing to participate in the program ahead of its public launch in Q1 2018.

The technology and preventive approach of Flo are a step change for the industry, which typically relies on moisture sensors or flow measurements to identify problems, after water has caused damage or been wasted. Unlike reactive systems, Flo proactively detects vulnerabilities or the tiniest leaks anywhere in the home and can automatically shut off the water supply in response to a pipe burst or other catastrophic event.

Available in Q1 2018 for $699, people may participate in its early adopter program starting for $399(including installation) while allowing their experience to help Flo refine advancements to its capabilities.

From Forensic Beginnings

Following a Series A funding round led by leading VC firm Crosslink Capital, with participation from Anthemis Group and an affiliate of USAA, a financial services provider (bringing total investment to over $11 million), Flo began a robust beta program in early 2017. It is the culmination of over 10 years of development by company founder and inventor Henry Halimi, a Mechanical Engineer with over 25 years’ experience.

Having spent almost 10 years as a forensic plumbing expert and legal witness assessing the cause of thousands of homeowners’ insurance claims resulting from water damage, he saw firsthand the cost and stress such events caused families. Henry resolved to create a proactive monitoring system that could help prevent catastrophic failures before they occurred and reduce the frequency of water damage (the most common preventable homeowner insurance claim) that costs $9 billion annually.

How It Works

The Flo solution comprises of a Wi-Fi connected device that is installed on the main water supply line to the home as well as a sophisticated app that provides control over a range of conservation and security settings. The system continually monitors the flow, pressure and temperature of water in the home and applies sophisticated algorithms that can detect the smallest abnormality. Flo is sensitive enough to detect micro-leaks as small as a single drop of water a minute, and intelligently learns a home’s water usage pattern. Both are crucial for avoiding catastrophic failures.

Unlike moisture sensing leak detectors that have to be placed in trouble spots, Flo is a system wide solution than can detect both visible leaks (such as running toilets which could waste over 3,000 gallons of water a day) and invisible leaks (like drips behind walls or under floors) anywhere in the home.

Flo continually monitors the home’s water usage and is smart enough to automatically shut off the water supply if major problems occur. It also proactively runs tests to ensure the integrity of the entire plumbing system. These comprehensive diagnostic tests leverage proprietary technology and automatically run at least once per day, but can also be launched manually at any time. Flo can proactively identify problems that typically go undetected until a substantial leak or mold issues occur, and continually ensures home plumbing is working optimally.

Its temperature sensors provide early warnings when pipes are about to freeze, helping to avoid a major cause of burst pipes and substantially limit potential damage.

Securely Saving Money 

Flo continually runs up to nine different tests in real-time, and puts people in control of how they use water and maintain their plumbing system. Information is automatically synced to its iOS and Android app where a range of alerts can be set and managed.

Within the app, people can control how the system will alert them and respond to potential issues. Alerts may be sent to users via email, through in app messages, or by text or phone call, and actions to turn off water can be taken automatically, require confirmation from the owner, or allow the user to shut off water remotely from anywhere in the world.

In addition to alerting users to issues, Flo provides troubleshooting tips, and can recommend and contact a plumber.

As well as avoiding costly water damage, Flo also helps users conserve water and reduce utility bills with its sophisticated conservation programs. At any moment in time, people can check their current water usage, compare to historical patterns, and set and monitor conservation goals.

The app’s intuitive tools and graphs help people to understand usage patterns and encourage them to think about how they are using water. Whether it’s being alerted to a leak, a faucet that’s been left running or encouraging people to think about ongoing use, Flo helps save water and money protecting both a user’s wallet and the environment.

“With the ability to dramatically reduce the risk of water damage and help conserve water use, reaction to Flo has been overwhelmingly positive from consumers coast to coast, plumbing professionals and the insurance industry alike,” said Gabriel Halimi, CEO and Co-founder of Flo Technologies.  “With 13 percent of a home’s water being lost each year in leaks, the Flo system can pay for itself over time. In the coming months, we look forward to rolling out Flo to homes across America and also sharing exciting new collaborations with partners that can help consumers save even more money.”