The IoT (Internet of Things) market is growing fast and manufacturers are rushing to meet the challenge, putting pressure on research and development teams. New products are expected to reach market quickly and at low price points in order to keep up with the competition.

“It’s a new era, where service is king. IoT is a brand new stream of business opportunities that create services on top of connected devices. And FlyportPRO is a game changer, reducing the risk, time and cost of a new IoT product,” says Claudio Carnevali, CEO of openPicus.

FlyportPRO is a new system-on-module made by openPicus. The new module is extremely compact, programmable and Internet-connected, so there’s no need for an external processor. It runs the openPicus software framework, reducing development time by months thanks to the free IDE (Integrated Development Environment.)

FlyportPRO has everything needed to manage sensors and actuators: Digital I/Os, Analog channels, a real time clock and memory onboard.

It also can directly incorporate SD cards, USB devices and I2C/SPI advanced sensors.

Everything starts with the needs of a stand-alone connected product. But what is needed to create a great cloud-based product?

  • Different methods of connectivity (for when Wi-Fi in unavailable)
  • I/Os and other interfaces to connect sensors and actuators
  • Cloud ready libraries (MQTT for example)
  • Possibility to upgrade the firmware over the Internet
  • Operates in real time
  • Low power consumption for battery power applications
  • Small physical size

FlyportPRO excels in all of those points:

  • It’s available in 3 pin-compatible models: Wi-Fi, GPRS and Ethernet.
  • It has 60 pins available for your application
  • Libraries and tutorials are available for developers, as well as the IDE
  • FlyportPRO can auto-upgrade firmware from your FTP
  • It’s based on free RTOS
  • Transfers to uA power consumption in Sleep mode (and wakes up in milliseconds)
  • Dimensions are only 34x34x9mm

FlyportPRO reduces the R&D time and effort to create a new IoT product: with the development of a simple carrier board which fits the three different CE certified FlyportPro modules, customers can have an end product on track for faster certification.

FlyportPRO can work either constantly connected or only on request—it can monitor a set of sensors, save data onto an SD card and connect to your Cloud service just once a day (saving on battery life).

What you can create with FlyportPRO?

  • Cloud connected sensors
  • Remote controlled products
  • App friendly devices
  • Battery powered IoT devices (there are several low power modes to save energy)
  • Smart energy monitors
  • Plus countless other creative applications

How to get started with FlyportPRO?

All of our starter kits are available in the online store at along with lots of free tools for developers such as tutorials, libraries and more.

About openPicus

openPicus is a fully integrated electronics company with a focus on IoT and M2M. We partner with hundreds of companies worldwide helping them deliver their Internet-connected products.

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