The success of App stores for the Apple and Android consumer ecosystems have taught us that the future of software belongs to “consumable” on-demand apps. App Orchid is revolutionizing this trend within the enterprise landscape by building cognitive apps for energy, healthcare, smart cities and workplace through a collaboration of partners, academia and industry experts. Emerging as a global innovator in combining information from Internet of Things with blended data streams and traditional enterprise datasets, App Orchid is building high value business apps that help reduce risk and increase revenue while making mundane operations efficient and sustainable.

“The possibilities with our apps are endless. App Orchid is building apps that can combine renewable energy, pricing, commercial energy data, public behavior, infrastructure conditions, smart traffic, smart hospitals with a range of ambient blended data sets to build apps to cover a broad spectrum of enterprise functions.


Imagine if you could have traffic signals that could communicate with vehicles on the road to determine optimal signaling conditions or human sensors that predict health conditions and auto-replenish inventory in hospitals. It’s not science fiction any more; we have the technology, the apps and the intellectual mind-share to make this happen today. To help us with this project we need the best in the industry and with that in mind we are very pleased to invite Paul Orzeske, former president of Honeywell Building Solutions to our Advisory board,” said Krishna Kumar, CEO & Founder of App Orchid

Paul held operational, general management and senior executive roles in multiple geographies during his 26 year career at Honeywell. Most recently he was President of Honeywell Building Solutions, a $3B business providing automated solutions including HVAC, energy management, fire and security integrated systems and smart grid solutions in over 52 countries. Prior to this role, Paul was Vice President General Manager Europe, Middle East, Africa for Honeywell Process Solutions based in Brussels, Belgium.

Paul is now President of Actus2 Consulting where he advises early stage companies on efficiently scaling their operations. He also is a member of a number of private company boards, working to build optimum business models and strong leadership teams for complex organizations. Paul is also a guest lecturer at several graduate business schools.

About App Orchid Inc
App Orchid Inc uses cognitive computing and next generation user experience as a means of providing multi-device apps across the enterprise value chain. Using ground-breaking data science, artificial intelligence and natural language interface, analysts can now develop powerful business apps and solutions with minimum IT oversight and governance. App Orchid has put together an expansive ecosystem of customers, partners, developers and innovators to help build intelligent Big-Data apps across enterprise functions. For more information, please visit