Frost and Sullivan Living PlanIT Award

Based on its recent analysis of the smart infrastructure platform market, Frost & Sullivan recognizes Living PlanIT with the 2015 Global Frost & Sullivan Award for Visionary Innovation Leadership. Living PlanIT has emerged as a global force with its highly sophisticated and unified smart infrastructure management platform, the PlanIT Urban Operating System™ (UOS). This platform is an all-encompassing middleware that helps integrate sensors, devices and people in a smart ecosystem, ensuring seamless management of Internet of Things (IoT) in urban infrastructure. The result is helping to drive cities towards economic, social and environmental sustainability.

The company was founded in 2006 with the goal of enhancing resilience and intelligence in cities by harmonizing the wide variety of real-time sensing and control, spatial analytics, data integration, security, support and contextual frameworks on a single platform. Over the past decade, the company has successfully executed its growth strategies in a balanced manner by focusing on the technology as well as forming strategic alliances with key government, industry, academic and research leaders.

“Living PlanIT has been dedicated to its mission of providing a comprehensive, scalable, flexible and intelligent edgeless computing platform,” said Frost & Sullivan Senior Research Analyst Robin Varghese. “In line with this vision, it has continuously refined the sensing and control capabilities of the PlanIT UOS™, as well as its data fusion and insight generation methodologies in key vertical solutions including retail, energy, transportation, airports and other urban solutions.”

PlanIT UOS™’s layered, flexible architecture allows an extensive variety of sensors and devices which conform to different standards to be integrated onto the platform. It delivers a rich set of open standards application programming interfaces (APIs), a configurable data model and entry points for custom logic. It also enables third-party developers to utilize the insights generated by the core layer of PlanIT UOS™ to develop applications that facilitate user interaction with the infrastructure.

PlanIT UOS™’s scalable architecture makes it suitable for a range of use-cases, from a single building floor, campus or an entire city. To ease adoption, it can be installed to run on the cloud, on local servers or as a hybrid platform.

At the heart of the UOS platform, key innovation areas help Living PlanIT stand out from the competition including edgeless computing and legacy building system support. The UOS is comprised of a server which can be run in standalone or cloud environments and intelligent edge nodes. These edge nodes support the PlanIT Edgeless Computing™ paradigm by allowing autonomous functionality and intelligence to manage critical systems without consistent connectivity to the server or cloud.

Existing infrastructure can also leverage the benefits of the UOS through the platforms extensive support for legacy systems. By pushing decisions, analytics and control closer to the systems which need to be managed – real-time benefits can be realized to ensure the fastest response and optimal efficiency for the environment. Unlike many IoT platforms on the rise, the UOS receives sensor data AND sends control information based on pre-defined rules and advanced analytics. The server provides a single point to manage the network of intelligent edge nodes and a key aggregation point for analytics, rules and sensor data.

“Living PlanIT’s research group is constantly inventing hardware and software solutions to extend their edgeless computing model,” observed Varghese. “For instance, it is developing bio-sensing capabilities that engage genetically modified microbes in performing certain tasks and communicating back to the platform. These bio sensors and control devices can be instructed to execute actions on water, air and multiple other ecosystems, thus widening Living PlanIT’s reach and control over the urban environment. In addition, their Wisdom project is exploring innovation in leading edge analytics solutions based on powerful search spaces and human factors.

“Visionary Innovation is about innovating today to drive the future. Living PlanIT is doing exactly that, with its singular focus on creating a unique middleware platform that seamlessly integrates IoT into urban infrastructure to deliver a truly intelligent solution,” said Frost & Sullivan Global President and Managing Partner Krishna Srinivasan.

Each year, Frost & Sullivan presents this award to the company that has demonstrated the understanding to leverage global Mega Trends and integrate the vision into processes to achieve strategic excellence. The award recognizes the efficacy of the recipient’s innovative process and the impact it has on business and society at large.

Frost & Sullivan Best Practices Awards recognize companies in a variety of regional and global markets for demonstrating outstanding achievement and superior performance in areas such as leadership, technological innovation, customer service and strategic product development. Industry analysts compare market participants and measure performance through in-depth interviews, analysis and extensive secondary research to identify best practices in the industry.

When you compound Living PlanIT’s technology offerings with their deep tenure in smart city design services – you have the undisputed leader in this category. Therefore, we are pleased to recognize Living PlanIT for this well deserved award.

About Living PlanIT

Living PlanIT is a technology company that created the world’s first Urban Operating System (UOS) which, in combination with the products it supports, unlocks the full potential of data to make cities better, safer and more vibrant places to live.

Living PlanIT has built an extensive partner network around the concept of a shared, unified approach to smart urban technology architecture in which machine intelligence moves ever closer to originating sources of data and control. We call this architecture PlanIT Edgeless Computing™ and it is implemented throughout the PlanIT Urban Operating System™, providing a framework for resilient and secure computer and systems architecture for digital and biological sensing, control, analytics, machine learning, applications and visualization techniques.

Living PlanIT contributes to the Clinton Global Initiative on Smart Cities and Infrastructure, is a member of the UK Government’s Smart City Ministerial Forum and board member of the Cities Standards Institute. The company has received numerous awards including “Best Investment in High Tech in Europe” from the World Investment Conference, “Technology Pioneer Award” from the World Economic Forum, “Business Internalization Award” from UK Government Trade & Investment, “Growth Excellence and Leadership Award for Smart City Projects” from Frost & Sullivan and both “Best Company for Innovation in Urban Development Technologies” and “CEO of the Year” from IAIR in 2015. Most recently, Living PlanIT has received the 2015 Global Smart Infrastructure Platform Visionary Innovation Leadership Award from Frost & Sullivan.

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