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Skkynet Cloud Systems, Inc., a global leader in real-time cloud information systems, announces that its SkkyHub  technology is being used to provide real-time, remote data displays for a Becker Varis SSFM-100 IoT smartsense Atmospheric and Environmental System demonstration at MINExpo 2016 in Las Vegas, Nevada.  Show participants will be able to view live data from the SSFM-100 on a display monitor, as well as securely from their mobile phone browsers over their own cellular connection, in real time.

The SSFM-100 smartsense monitor provides a lighted display on the sensor itself for a user to read data directly, and it also supports standard industrial data communications protocols like Modbus and OPC.  Connecting in this way to SkkyHub enhances the SSFM-100 by allowing its data to be viewed by any authorized user’s computer or mobile phone, with SkkyHub WebView.

“Connecting to SkkyHub makes the SSFM-100 IoT-ready,” said Jian Zhao, Engineering Manager – Environment and Safety at Becker Mining Systems.  “Mine managers can monitor the gas levels in the mine from a computer in the office, while ventilation maintenance personnel can see the same data from their smartphones from any location.  Here at our offices, we can also use that data for routine or emergency maintenance on the equipment, as needed.”

“This demonstration is a real-world example of the practical value of the Industrial IoT, and SkkyHub’s implementation of it,” said Paul Thomas, President of Skkynet.  “It’s all about putting useful or critical data into the hands of people who need it, on-site or remote, at any level of the organization.”

The smartsense fixed monitor SSFM-100 with its integrated controller functions as a black box storing critical information such as calibration record, Alarm History and Data Logging for post-accident investigation. The SSFM-100 is an all-in-one package and eliminates the need for complex cables connections and troublesome programming, out of the box the SSFM-100 is the most versatile and hassle free Atmospheric and Environmental System on the market. The SSFM-100 system design has taken into account the requirements of the industry and placed on the security and features into a single compact design but still maintaining the main requirement of reliability / accuracy / low power consumption.

The SkkyHub service allows industrial and embedded systems to securely network live data in real time from any location. It enables bidirectional supervisory control, integration and sharing of data with multiple users, and real-time access to selected data sets in a web browser. The service is capable of handling over 50,000 data changes per second per client, at speeds of just microseconds over Internet latency. Secure by design, it requires no VPN, no open firewall ports, no special programming, and no additional hardware.

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