connected vehicles market forecast for lte

One of the main growth area in the automotive industry is identified as connected vehicles, which includes telematics related to vehicle-centric information and communication technologies. More specifically, connected vehicles typically consist of entertainment, information, and navigation capabilities that can provide many advantages to the driver.

Connected vehicles leverage many different wireless communications technologies, including WiFi, Satellite, and 4G/LTE.- Connected vehicles also represent one of the most important innovation areas for the Internet of Things (IoT) technologies and solutions. IoT becomes particularly useful as a means of providing autonomous signaling and communications in support of Vehicle to Vehicle (V2V) and Vehicle to Application solutions. IoT is the glue that binds together Connected Vehicles to Connected Homes and Offices.

This research evaluates the connected vehicle marketplace including technologies, major players and solutions. The report provides forecasts for vehicle-to-vehicle as well as vehicle to home, pedestrian, and device communications. Forecasts provided are global, regional, and by leading countries for 2016 to 2021.

Target Audience:

– Mobile network operators
– Automobile manufacturers
– Wireless device manufacturers
– Network infrastructure providers
– Application and content developers
– Telematics and M2M service providers

Key Topics Covered:

1.0 Executive Summary

2.0 Introduction

3.0 Evolution Of LTE Technology In Automated Car Industry

4.0 Global Connected Cars Market By Technology
4.1 Fourth Generation (4G) Cellular
4.2 Other Notable Cellular Data Options
4.3 Wifi And Wimax
4.4 Machine-To-Machine (M2M) Communications

5.0 Major Connectivity On Connected Vehicles
5.1 The Internet Of Things (IoT)
5.2 Embedded Devices
5.3 LTE Direct
5.4 Short-Range Communication Solutions
5.5 Machine-To-Machine (M2M) Communications
5.6 Telemetry And Telematics
5.7 Wireless Devices
5.8 Cloud Service Ecosystem In Connected Vehicle Management

6.0 Connected Car Market Analysis
6.1 Important Areas To Consider
6.2 Connected Vehicle Technologies And Platforms
6.3 Connected Car Outlook: Looking Ahead To 2021
6.4 Connected Vehicle Ecosystem

7.0 Connected Vehicle Industry Analysis
7.1 Automobile Manufacturers
7.2 Telematics Manufacturers
7.3 Telecom Companies

8.0 Security Vulnerabilities In Connected Vehicles
8.1 Classification Of Vulnerable Points
8.2 Value Chain Cyber Security Integration In Connected Vehicle
8.3 Connected Vehicle Security Vendor Market Analysis
8.4 Cloud Assisted Vehicle Security
8.5 Future Threats In Connected Vehicles

9.0 Future Outlook And Challenges
9.1 Challenges In System
9.2 Security Challenges
9.3 Automated Vehicle Privacy Concerns
9.4 Future Applications And Solutions

10.0 Connected Vehicles Forecasts 2016 – 2021
10.1 Global Market Forecast
10.2 Regional Market Forecast
10.3 Country Market Forecast
10.4 V2X Module Deployed Car Shipment Forecast

11.0 Conclusions
11.1 Wireless Carriers
11.2 Wireless Device Manufacturers
11.3 Application Developers
11.4 Automobile Manufacturers

12.0 Appendices
12.1 LTE Technology And Architecture
12.2 LTE Architecture Details
12.3 Ip Multimedia Subsystem (Ims)

Companies Mentioned

– Amd
– At&T
– Audi
– Chrysler
– Ford
– Freescale
– GM
– Harman
– Honda
– Hyundai
– Nissan
– Nvidia
– Nxp
– Qualcomm
– Siriusxm
– Sprint
– T-Mobile
– Texas Instruments
– Toyota
– Verizon

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