Connectivity multiplies attack vectors and security threats to Internet of Things (IoT) systems, yet few IoT-optimized solutions are available for managing security at the system level, according to new reports from VDC Research (click here for more info)

“Most system-level IoT security solutions in use today are variations of enterprise IT security or enterprise mobility management,” notes Steve Hoffenberg, Director of IoT & Embedded Software at VDC. “The IoT increases security challenges beyond normal enterprise requirements through numerous additional device types, operating systems, applications, and communications protocols.”

A pair of new reports from VDC Research, entitled “Securing Applications for Connected Systems,” and “Managing Security for Connected Systems,” examines the current state of securing IoT systems. The reports feature findings from a survey of more than 200 engineers, IT administrators, and executives at companies designing and utilizing IoT systems. The survey finds that most organizations building and implementing IoT systems have a good handle on how to secure their embedded applications, but the task of securing these IoT systems overall often falls on IT departments that may have limited tools for managing security beyond enterprise-class devices.

Opportunities for security solutions vendors cited in the reports include taking advantage of chip-level security hardware in embedded devices as well as global threat intelligence services specific to IoT systems.

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