Global Tech

Global Tech was held in Beijing on Dec. 21 by Chinese media, which attracted hundreds of attendees including top tech companies like Huawei, Baidu, Qualcomm, Alibaba, and Lenovo, demonstrating the smart future of the intelligent world.

Global Tech showcased some concept products that show the world’s future may also be truly spectacular, including self-driving cars, VR, smart home, and smart clothing, engaging 12 technology areas.

Since Global Times held the event for the first time, and as a news media, we expect to explore all the possibilities and expand the landscape of human future life.

Huawei thinks the future belongs to IoT, and the mobile phone is the best example. “When we use the mobile, people will know where we are, and how many steps we have taken. Our mobile knows us, because the Internet inside perceives each individual’s situation. Inevitably, IoT must be everywhere years later,” said Zheng, Zhi-Bin, a General Manager, global smart city business department at Huawei. “Another example is what we can see today like all the lamps in our room could be controlled for future. IoT is exactly what makes it come true.”

The director of Brand Management at, one of the biggest ecommerce companies in China, Li, Jun-Zhou points out there won’t be giant monopolies in IoT industry, but instead a large numbers of big companies simultaneously prosper.”

The competition of the Internet companies becomes fiercer, while the market of IoT just begins and has high potential.

According to the research, there will be 50 billion devices connecting with each other and fulfill the dream of IoT in the year 2020. Foreseeing the potential of it, Qualcomm endeavors to develop 5G because it offers lower price, low-power consumption, and wider coverage. “In comparison with 4G, 5G is able to support billions of devices completely,” said Hou Ji Lei, a Senior Director of R&D at Qualcomm. He said the smart city is not far when 5G comes.

Smart city is also a hot issue in the Global Tech event. For Baidu, the way to achieve a smart city is via self-driving car, and AI is its core technique.

When it comes to future trends, Alibaba will  focus more on “interaction”. “In my point of view, the most important tech trend is that people acquire information like weather and directions through the Internet, and ‘interaction’is exactly the bridge between people and those services.” said Chu Min, iDST(institute of Data Science&Technologies) Director at Alibaba Cloud.

The combination of tech and art also shines Global Tech. The electronic rock band was invited to perform live music with the intelligent instruments. Besides, science fictional movies were analyzed to give insights into future tech, which was addressed by Li, Zhao Xin, the partner of Future Administration Affairs.