Monday, February 26, 2024

Global Romania – IoT Product Development

Global Romania is the product development strategy and services offering. We are the trusted product development partner for numerous companies around the world.

To be successful and gain the full benefit of product development outsourcing, you need to choose the right services provider. Not only does the provider have to best complement your own in-house skills and protect your intellectual property but also meet your budget and deliverable goals.

By combining Architects & Consultants based in the United States that specialize in assembling and managing teams of highly skilled product developers with a solid, experienced team of Romania based product developers and system integrators positions us as the unbeatable Internet of Things strategy and solutions provider.

Product Development Outsourcing

Our offshore product development team is staffed with technical professionals who excel at delivering top quality enterprise systems quickly and affordably. We can help with everything from clearing your programming backlog to architecting and developing innovative new software products for your Internet of Things solutions: SQL, .NET, PHP, Java, iPhone, Mobile, etc.

We unconditionally guarantee the protection and security of your intellectual property. Our product outsourcing team becomes an extension of your own IT team – dedicated to meeting your product software development needs today by growing with you as your needs evolve.

When working with us, you get the convenience and transparency of hiring your own team but without the burden of setting up a remote office. Our offshore product development team will provide everything you need for top-notch product outsourcing easily and hassle free.

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We simplify complex business applications, maintaining the advanced controls that business users demand.

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We design solutions that are easier to build, scale, maintain, and monitor. Products that are secure and channel agnostic.

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Agile practices ensure we get it right. Incremental & iterative process keeps us aligned in a dynamic environment.

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Rapid and frequent deployment helps in faster validation. Automated processes improve quality and reduce risks.