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Global Romania – Mobile Applications Development

IoT – Internet of Things Corp provides application development for all mobile platforms to help you reach your customers directly on their portable mobile devices. Whether you want to connect and monitor sensors, access business information, play games, download music, watch streaming video, share media and content, use GPS navigation or send instant messages to friends, we are here to help. What can we do for your enterprise?

  • Sensor based data collection for IoT mobile applications
  • Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) monitoring solutions
  • Professional mobile solutions for web based solutions and portals
  • Independent mobile applications
  • End-to-end mobility solutions

We help our clients create mobile applications that deliver real-time, contextually relevant information to mobile touch screens. We specialize in using location, augmented reality and push notification from iPhone/iPad, to Android, to BlackBerry and Microsoft Windows Mobile.

Our Research and Development (R&D) team – Global Romania – based in Bucuresti offers the cost-effective solutions while allowing you to take advantage of some of the world’s most highly skilled and versatile engineers. Ask yourself why do companies such as Microsoft and Intel have engineering centers in Romania? Contact us below and we will prove to you what many companies know already – quality and price simply can’t be beat!


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We have built and tested applications across every major genre: health, sports, games, video, news, weather, and more. We love mobile and we love to share our ideas and feedback. Our entire office space is designed to facilitate communication and the exchange of ideas. We invite you to visit and ideate on your next great thing.

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There are many ways to architect systems and one size does not fit all. A software architect must weigh the pros and cons of public clouds, private clouds, dedicated servers, Java, .NET, Javascript, native, HTML5, middleware, proprietary middleware, and third-party components when designing your solution. Technical merit, available budget, time to market, app longevity, and maintenance costs must all be weighed. We have advised some of the world’s largest companies and content publishers on their system architectures. We bring this experience to every project.

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Your project is unique. We understand that some projects can be built from a diagram on the back of a napkin and some require rigorous analysis and design. Our team is comprised of careful listeners, rigorous thinkers, precise communicators, and experienced developers who collaborate with you to “talk the talk and walk the walk”.

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Your project should be breathtaking. Our artists work closely with you and our developers to develop beautiful experiences and interfaces that meet your budget and technical objectives. With our artists, designers, and testers working under one roof, we can readily leverage the unique skills and perspectives of the whole team to create a holistic design.



The Global Romania team is well versed in multiple wireless technologies so that we can apply the right approach for your project. Veterans in native iOS and Android, HTML5, Hybrid, Android, OpenGL, and middleware tools, we carefully select the toolsets to meet your business objectives.
We excel at innovation. We embraced new technologies to become experts in iOS, Android, HTML5, Smart Watches, smart TVs, and streaming video. We not only design and write original software, we are also experts in code maintenance and porting of existing apps.

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We continue to innovate in the world of interconnected smart devices. In addition to writing smart watch apps, we also interface with bluetooth beacons and sensors.

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Whether converting from J2ME to BREW, iOS to Android, or Android to Smart TVs, we know how to preserve the essence of the original application while maximizing the capabilities of the target platform.


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