Why Outsource to Romania?

Romania is becoming a top location for companies seeking a capable work force and friendly, cost-effective business environment. “Offshore Romania 2003”, a report by Pierre Audoin Consultants (PAC) presents Romania as the ideal outsourcing alternative to India, due to the lower costs and to the rich supply of IT specialists with excellent technical and linguistic skills.

  • for Western European companies, Romania offers an exciting ‘near-shore’ alternative to Indian offshore software offerings
  • for companies in the United States of America, Romania offers a 24-7 working model and a cultural match not found anywhere else in the world

Highly skilled and creative workforce focused on creating custom software

Expertise with standard technology platforms like .NET and LAMP. Availability of a large pool of highly skilled programmers. Romania has twice as many programmers as the United Stated per thousand of inhabitants.

Ever increasing talent pool

With over 8,000 computer science and electrical engineering graduates per year, Romania ranks 13th in the world in total quantity of IT graduates.

Impressive Linguistic Skills

The Eastern European Translators Association classed Romanians as the best speakers of foreign languages in Europe (60% of the Romanians speak a foreign language, 25% of them speak 2 foreign languages and 4% of them speak more than 2 foreign languages, according to a study by this organization). Romanian is a Romance based language, unlike Indian and Chinese, Cantonese, Mandarin.

Domestic economy is one of the largest and fastest growing in Europe

Romania is the fifth largest country in Europe with over 22 million people. However, the country has relatively low income levels and costs.

Cultural gaps non-existent

Part of the Western culture, cultural gaps that might hinder your communication with Chinese or Indian partners are virtually non-existent when dealing with Romanians.

24 x 7 working model advantage

This is one of the biggest advantages companies have when outsourcing to Romania – work basically never stops for them. When Americans sleep, Romanians work and vice-versa. Organizations can increase the standard of customer support thanks to this 24/7 working model.