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GlobeRanger has been delivering industrial RFID and IoT solutions with its iMotion Edgeware platform since 2003. iMotion connects and manages a wide variety of edge devices. The platform then processes, correlates and reacts to edge data in real time.  This enables new business processes and generates actionable insight before integrating to existing enterprise and cloud systems.

The latest release of the iMotion Platform, iMotion 7.0, builds upon the experience and success of iMotion. This release adds features for developers, support for the MQTT protocol, greater scalability and support for .NET 4.6.  iMotion 7.0  is now ready to integrate complex Edge solutions with Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft® Azure™ IoT, GE® Predix®, and IBM® Watson.

iMotion 7.0 enables GlobeRanger to continue delivering industry leading Industrial IoT solutions in asset management, manufacturing/WIP, supply chain, warehouse material tracking, and aviation operations. The new iMotion capabilities allow organizations to better connect, measure and track their assets, items, goods and things.

Eric Pearson, GlobeRanger Vice President of Engineering & Chief Architect says, “Our customers and partners have relied on the maturity, scalability and stability of iMotion for some time.  The release of iMotion 7 is the first in a new phase of rapid innovation.  Expect to see much more in the near future, including more goodies for our developer community and a continued focus on emerging technologies.”

Nabil Lodey, Head of IoT for Fujitsu Digital, says, “GlobeRanger’s iMotion platform is at the heart of our IoT strategy.  This latest release reinforces Fujitsu’s commitment to being a global leader in the Industrial Internet of Things. We work closely with our customer’s operational teams to fully understand their business and then implement solutions that deliver real and measurable business value”

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