Golgi announced that it enables faster and easier development of the Internet of Things (IoT) solutions.  The company now supports native Arduino and Intel® Edison endpoints, making the power and simplicity of Golgi-based interactions available to IoT developers.

Until now, device developers have had only two options; they could build code from the ground up for all device endpoints, compliance standards, and transport methods, or they could employ multiple solutions to help develop each type of code. Golgi’s managed connectivity service is the first complete solution for the problems IoT developers encounter when dealing with multiple codes.  Device manufacturers and application developers come from two different worlds, and they do not speak the same languages (codes); Golgi’s solution brings these worlds together by translating their languages.

Our support for Arduino and Edison creates a place where IoT developers and makers of embedded devices can meet,” said Brian Kelly, CTO and co-founder of Golgi. “We’ve been solving operators’ data transport problems for 13 years, and now we’ve extended our infrastructure to solve these problems for IoT developers. Because Golgi translates the various communications languages of device makers, developers don’t have to learn them; they can focus on what they know best. As a result, their product development cycle is shortened by 50 percent and time to market is speeded up.”

Quick and Easy Code Development

With Golgi, IoT developers can start their projects far more quickly and easily.  Because Golgi supports WiFi, Ethernet, Serial and SMS, developers can focus on creating features and functionality; they no longer need to code solutions for transport and communications. They simply specify the data they want to transmit, such as readings from sensors attached to their Arduino or Edison platforms, and Golgi auto generates native code for each endpoint. Finally, Golgi’s globally distributed cloud-based infrastructure routes data packets between the developer’s platform and the destination end point through the Golgi infrastructure which transacts 1B interactions daily.

In addition, Golgi provides native support for Android, iOS, Web Applications, Node.js and Server-side Java.  As a result, developers can simply and easily connect and control their IoT devices from the mobile application, web page or server-side infrastructure.

Support for Chip Manufacturers

The new Golgi IoT service supports chip manufacturers as well; Arduino is an industry-standard end point, and most major chip manufacturers use Arduino-compatible boards because its interactive development environment (IDE) makes programming, compiling and uploading simple. In IoT projects, Arduino boards enable designers and developers to transmit data to remote devices, interact with them, and even provide feedback on them. Arduino’s baseline infrastructure is standardized and easy to use; developers can build prototypes without making any changes. Golgi also supports Edison, the Intel platform for quickly prototyping and producing connected computing devices.


Golgi’s cloud service for IoT developers working with Arduino or Edison is available now at http://www.golgi.io. New Golgi users receive 10,000 free interactions on the Golgi website, enabling them to move easily from prototype to build.

About Golgi

Golgi is a cloud service for connectivity and data transport that substantially decreases time to market for delivering IoT solutions.  Golgi’s IoT standards-compliant service is comprised of an intelligent delivery engine to manage the data between endpoints, a data contract to formalize interactions between devices, apps and servers.   Golgi supports transport within iOS, Android,  Web Applications, NodeJS, Server-side Java, WiFi, Ethernet, Serial and SMS.  Plus, Golgi enables multilayered security for data transport that allows a developer to define custom security protocols.  Golgi is backed by Openmind Networks, a communication platform deployed in over 120 sites across 30 countries in Europe, the Middle East, Asia and North America. Developers can register for free to use Golgi’s platform and tools to power their apps and connected devices.